Medieval coins discovered in Danish site for new Apple data center

Viborg CoinsHistoric coins believed to have been stashed away during a period of Nordic infighting have been discovered by a group of metal detector enthusiasts at a site earmarked for an Apple data center in Denmark.

The period between 1241 to 1375 in northern Europe was scarred by conflict between neighboring kingdoms. At the height of the fighting, the Danish monarchy fell into disarray, resulting in the collapse of the state around 1330.

Coins minted during this period – distinctive by their poor markings and low-quality silver – were unearthed by three friends, Morten Nielsen, Per Jensen and Lasse Winther from the Midtjysk Detector Association, the local Viborg Museum has confirmed.

A total of 82 “Civil War” coins were found tucked away in the field in the small village of Foulum, some 8km from the city of Viborg.

The coins were discovered during a final sweep of the Apple site ahead of the construction of the tech company’s new data center in central Denmark, Ekstra Bladet reports. The data center site is located beside one of Denmark’s largest electrical substations and the discovery of the coins will not delay construction.

Activists hoping to raise funds to restore famous medieval priory in Kerry

KilcolmanAbbeyPlans are afoot in mid-Kerry to restore what was once one of the richest priories in Ireland.

Historians and foreign tourists mostly comprise the annual visitors to the Augustinian Abbey at Killagha near Milltown, completed in Anglo-Norman times.

However, locals are determined to make it a major attraction again. Founded in 1215-1216 by Strongbow’s nephew Geoffrey de Marisco, it passed through a number of hands during a long tenure, first as a large abbey and then as a manor home.

For over 300 years, Killagha was the richest foundation not alone in Kerry but was also one of the richest of the 223 Augustinian abbeys in Ireland. Its prior was traditionally a member of parliament. As a place of pilgrimage, it was known throughout the medieval world.

Dissolved in Elizabethan times, later than most abbeys, it was seized by the crown and transferred to an Elizabethan captain Thomas Spring, a Protestant nobleman of Castlemaine, and had been run as a manor or castle. However, years later during the Cromwellian era, the abbey was confiscated and destroyed and granted to a Cromwellian soldier, John Godfrey.

It was no longer used as a dwelling house and the abbey and graveyard returned to the older name of the site, Kilcolman.


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Accidental coin find yields medieval money clues

medieval germany moneyMore than 200 coins from the early 1300s have been discovered by chance in a forest near Zurich. They provide more clues as to how money networks around Switzerland worked during the Middle Ages.

An employee of canton Zurich’s archaeological department stumbled upon a pile of coins in a forest while investigating an interesting topographical area for potential research. Originating from the period between 1295 and 1320, they were found “completely by accident,” according to archaeological researcher Werner Wild at the cantonal office.

“This find is certainly significant for the canton,” Wild told “There was a similar discovery made near Winterthur in 1930, and we can combine the information from both to think about how money circulated in the area during the Middle Ages.”

Wild says there are many theories as to how the money got there. It could have been buried there on purpose to hide it from thieves who were prevalent along the main roads during the Middle Ages. Or it may simply have been lost. Researchers believe it could have been contained in a cloth or leather pouch that has since disintegrated and that an animal may have found and scattered the coins at some point.


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