Transformers 5 gets medieval!


Micheal Bay the man behind numerous action movies is making another installment of the Transformers franchise. The title and official release date, 23 June 2017, was announced this week. By the title, Transformers: The Last Knight, it appears the franchise is heading to the Middle Ages.

Look for the movie in theaters next summer and enjoy the teaser below…

Remains of medieval kitchen that served pilgrims discovered in Suffolk

medieval-kitchenThe remains of a medieval kitchen where cooks may have prepared meals for hungry pilgrims, has been discovered in Suffolk.

The rare 14th Century building was discovered on the site of Guildhall Feoffment School, which itself was built on an 11th century road system in Bury St Edmunds.

While the flint and mortar outline of the cold store or kitchen building was uncovered, it’s thought the kitchen was originally made of timber with a tiled floor and roof.

Robert Brooks, Project Officer at the site, told MailOnline: ‘The theory that the stone foundations are the remains of a kitchen or possibly a cold food store is not based on any particularly strong evidence.

‘It is hypothesised that the walls might have been a kitchen simply because the foundations represent a building that was not clearly connected to a house.

‘This sort of layout was a deliberate tactic used to minimise risk to the house from the fires in a kitchen, particularly for buildings of this age.’

It measured 14 feet long and 11 feet wide (4.2metres long and 3.4 metres wide).

The building unusual find in the town, as many contemporary structures had less substantial foundations and as a result have not survived.

Archaeologists in Gwynedd discover medieval castle during excavation

Hen GastellThe Gwynedd Archaelogical Trust which is surveying Hen Gastell at Llanwnda have hailed it as ‘a really important’ find.

Archaeologists have discovered what’s believed to be a “well-defended” home of a medieval Welsh lord after examining the findings of a long running excavation.

The Gwynedd Archaelogical Trust started surveying Hen Gastell (Old Castle) at Llanwnda, near Caernarfon back in 2013, following reports that what lied beneath the surface could be an Iron Age hill fort.

But experts have now revealed their findings after three years of excavations and study, and have confirmed local folklore that it dates back to a period of great instability in Wales, when war was being waged with neighbours England.

Described as “a small medieval castle”, but probably resembling a manor house more than a real castle, archaeologists believe the home was occupied for no more than about four generations before it was abandoned.

Medieval cemetery discovered under Cambridge college will help unlock secrets of the Black Death


More than 1,200 human skeletons discovered beneath a Cambridge college will help shed new light on the city’s medieval past. The medieval cemetery was discovered by archaeologists working at the Old Divinity School at St John’s College, which was built on the site of a 13th century hospital. The remains of men, women and children…

A ‘nationally important’ medieval graveyard has been discovered beneath the site of a new road


Contractors building the road on Anglesey have found an ancient cemetery. Archaeologists digging on the site of an ancient cemetery say they have unearthed a 1,500-year-old “time capsule” of national importance. Since an initial find last month at least 48 graves have been discovered on the site of the new Llangefni link road, on Anglesey…

Medieval gold brooch dug up in Oxfordshire is declared treasure


A Medieval gold brooch dug up in a farmer’s field but “good enough to wear today” was one of a host of precious finds from Oxfordshire declared treasure today. The rectangular brooch, dating from AD 1230 to 1350, will now be valued by a panel at the British Museum along with other treasures from around…

‘Lost’ Medieval Music Performed for First Time in 1,000 Years


The language of music is universal, but can be lost over time. After a 20-year reconstruction effort, a researcher and a performer of medieval music have brought “lost” songs from the Middle Ages back to life. The “Songs of Consolation” were recently performed at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. Reconstructed from “neumes”…

Game of Thrones Character Infographic


Game of Thrones Season 6 is only a few days away! If you need a refresher on your favorite characters (or at least the ones that are still alive) you’ve come to the right place. The good folks over at The Luminary created a comprehensive infographic for the Game of Thrones. Tune into HBO for…

Shakespeare and his World – FREE Online Course


The University of Warwick is offering an online course on the life of Shakespeare. Sign up for the FREE Shakespeare course on FutureLearn About the course William Shakespeare is one of the most famous authors of all time. 2016 marks the 400th anniversary of his death, with his words have inspired and moved people from…

Archaeologists hoping to uncover more remains of medieval priory in Northumberland


The Holystone History & Archaeology Group has been awarded grants from the Heritage Lottery Fund, Northumberland National Park and the Coquetdale Community Archaeology Group to fund their efforts at further discovery. The group has spent years trying to pinpoint the exact whereabouts of the priory which existed from the 12th century until it was dissolved…

Space Archeologists Find Evidence Of New Viking Site In North America

Eric the Red Viking

Clues embedded into ancient Norse sagas have led a team of archeologists to discover a long-lost stone hearth in a remote peninsula in Newfoundland, Canada, which could have been used by Viking explorers who came to North America centuries ago. The scientists believe that if the site proves to be the work of Norse people…

Isabella of France, The Rebel Queen by Kathryn Warner

Isabella of France The Rebel Queen

Back in 2014 Kathryn Warner gave us an excellent biography of King Edward II. Edward reigned fro twenty years and was overthrown by his wife, Queen Isabella. Warner follows up her biography of Edward II with a biography of his rebellious Queen, Isabella of France. Below is a synopsis of the biography. Isabella of France,…

Medieval-Era Ship Raised from Dutch Riverbed

medieval shipwreck denmark

A wooden ship likely to have been deliberately sunk in a Dutch river to alter its flow more than 600 years ago has been successfully raised by a team of archaeologists. The Ijssel River, a tributary of the legendary Rhine, harbored the flat-bottomed, wooden ship for centuries until it was discovered in 2012 during efforts…

Relic of Beheaded Medieval Swedish King Might Be Authentic

Eric IX the Saint

To open a medieval reliquary containing a saint’s bones, you have to have a good reason, said Sabine Sten. Sten is an osteoarchaeologist (a type of scientist who studiesskeletal remains from archaeological sites) at Uppsala University in Sweden. Two years ago, she got permission to open a reliquary (a container used to hold objects deemed…

On The Trail of The Yorks by Kristie Dean

Last year we talked to Kristie Dean about the re-internment of King Ricahrd II and her book on Richard’s life and travels. Kristie returns this year with a new book on the Yorks titled On The Trail of The Yorks. The book explores the other members of the York family including Edward IV, Elizabeth Woodville…