The Shannara Chronicles Official Trailer


The Shannara Chronicles, based on the best selling novels by Terry Brooks hits the airwaves in January 2016. The first season of The Shannara Chronicles is based on the second book in the original trilogy, The Elfstones of Shannara.

MTV has released the official trailer for the show. As a fan of the Shannara books I’m looking forward to this series!

VIKINGS Season 4 teaser


Vikings doesn’t return until Spring 2016 but the HISTORY Channel has released a teaser trailer to peak your interest. Enjoy…

CFP: International Congress “The Authorship: Theoretical Reflections and Practical Analysis”



Date: October 22-23 2015
Location: University of Santiago de Compostela

In the last third part of the 20th Century, historical, philosophical and social scientific different trends converged in a common interest: to problematize author and authorship’s concepts. This issue has already emerged in the late 60’s, but it was the Internet appearance and the uprising of technology in academic activities that made it went in depth and, at the same time, became more complex in theoretical terms. In History and Historiography’s fields, the idea of authorship becomes a relational concept, losing in this way its autonomy and relatively isolation as approach, which was typical in the traditional perspectives. The concept of author refers to one or several biographies at the same time, depending on the particular work and on the context or historical moment. Authorship is comprehensive of a biography and a series of works that closely related with multiple collective contexts and perceptions. The author is then part of a historical world that defines the way he choses the subjects and the structure of his work, he publishes his texts and also the way he reaches some kind of public projection. Most frequently, the author belongs to an authorship community, with which he negotiates, collaborates or starts different arguments. These three actions are usually reflected in certain texts, and sometimes they produce jointly made narratives; the already mentioned uprising of technology in academic and cultural activities emphasizes this relation.

The author can be studied from different perspectives: his own biographical “name”, the works that he makes in his own name, all the symbolic references attached to it and all the marketing strategies placed but publishers companies.. Some authors like Roland Barthes even consider that the author has disappeared and has been replaced by the advent of the reader as well as for a culture that is value-orientated.

Important Dates:

  • Until September 7 2015: Papers or posters submission must be sent to
  • September 14 2015: Acceptance notification
  • October 22 and 23 2015: Congress

Papers or posters submission must be sent to with:

  • Abstract (1 folio)
  • CV

Bernard Cornwell’s ‘The Last Kingdom’ premieres in October!

Adapted for TV, The Last Kingdom, the first novel in The Saxon Stories by Bernard Cornwell finally gets a premiere date! BBC America announced the show will air on Saturday, 10 October 2015. (Check your local listings for times) The good news for us here in the States is the show will premiere on BBC…

Medieval Earthquake Moved River 12 Miles

Po River | Medieval Archvies

The Po, the longest river in Italy, has shifted northward about 12 miles (20 kilometers) between the towns of Guastella and Ficarolo over the past 2,800 years, researchers reported July 20 in the Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth. This shift likely happened in spurts, forced by quakes. The 1570 temblor caused a 4- to…

Game of Thrones inspires medieval baby name boom


The trend for old-fashioned names has taken a step further back in time. For after the rise in popularity of Victorian names such as Amelia and Lily, parents in the UK are now being inspired by medieval influences when naming their babies. Experts say old English-sounding names are in fashion thanks to television programmes such…

FREE Course: Agincourt 1415: Myth and Reality

This year marks the 600th anniversary of one of the biggest battles in Medieval history, the Battle of Agincourt. We discussed the battle in lesson 44 of the podcast. Agincourt was a turning point in the Hundred Years’ War for Henry V and England. It’s an epic battle where legends are born and chivalry died!…

Interior Design in the Middle Ages

Middle Ages - Fine Art

When I think of the Middle Ages I think of castles and battles and kings. Rarely do I think of interior design elements. But I imagine it was as important back then as it is today. Imagine the brave knight coming home from the Crusades and his wife asking if he likes the new curtains….

Mass medieval grave found at Aberdeen school

medieval grave Robert Gordon College

A mass grave with more than 20 medieval skeletons has been hailed a “major discovery”. The remains, thought to date back to the 13th century, were discovered during installation works at a top private school in Scotland. The bones were buried less than two feet underground in the quad area of the site and are…

‘Grand Ages: Medieval’ Coming to PS4 on Sept. 25


“Grand Ages: Medieval” is coming the Sony PlayStation 4 console on September 25. The real-time strategy game, developed by Gaming Minds and published by Kalypso Games, is said to be a follow-up to its 2009 “Grand Ages: Rome” game, also a strategy game set during the final years of the Roman Republic. The game will…

Medieval marvel at risk from rot and deathwatch beetle

St John the Baptist Church

A rare medieval church roof in Suffolk is at risk of being destroyed by deathwatch beetle and wet rot. The ceiling’s said to be one of the finest examples in Europe and draws visitors from all over the world. Now the parish council of St John the Baptist’s church in Needham Market is desperately trying…

Predator: Dark Ages Movie

predator dark ages

A few months ago we posted the trailer for Predator: Dark Ages. The movie project that started out as a kickstarter is complete and ready to watch. A priest summons a group of Knights Templar who are tasked with finding and destroying a deadly enemy. The Knights are forced to accept an unlikely ally by…

The Shannara Chronicles trailer


A couple months ago we interviewed Terry Brooks and talked about the upcoming adaptation of his book. At the time there wasn’t much information about the series, titled The Shannara Chronicles. The series will air on MTV…yeah, I had the same reaction! MTV waited until the San Diego Comic Con to reveal any details about…

13th Century Mongol Shipwreck Discovered off Japanese Coast

It was the largest armada the world had ever seen, and would only be surpassed 700 years later when the Allies invaded Europe during the Normandy landings. The Mongol leader Kublai Khan sent two massive fleets during the 13th Century – of up to 4,000 ships each – to try to invade Japan. Both attempts…

MAP#67: Warrior Princess: Female warriors of the Middle Ages

Warrior Princess Countess_Jeanne

Women in the Middle Ages were docile, meek and subservient. Or at least that’s what we were led to believe. But that isn’t always the case. In previous lessons we looked at Black Agnes, the defender of Dunbar Castle and Melisende, the Queen of Jerusalem. Women like Joan of Arc, Isabella, the She-Wolf of France…