Full day of events planned for annual Medieval Faire

medieval faireA Medieval Feast will be part of this year’s Medieval Faire on Aug. 14 with organizers promising the once-in-a-millennium chance to party like it’s 1099.

Three hundred tickets will be sold for the first-ever event dinner to be run in conjunction with the annual faire. The doors open at 6 p.m. and will include dancing, entertainment, a fundraiser and a medieval meal.

“It’s a great time for corn and vegetables and it’s an eat-with-your-hands affair,” said Kathy Ramer, the event chair.

“You can bribe people if you want forks and knives,” she said.

Tickets for the meal at the Leisure Centre are $30 and will be pre-sold. “We’re getting really good response to the feast,” said Ramer.

The faire itself will include the Society of Tilt and Lance with live jousting by fully armed knights on horseback, live combat will be demonstrated by the Medicine Hat Medieval Society, Lohar the Magician will bring his magic for kids of all ages and Highland and Jawihaar dancers will take to the stage.

In 2009 Ramer and a group of volunteers took over the event when it grew too large for the Brooks Library to organize. They remain in place as the children’s event programmer.

Seeing the potential of the program as a whole and for tourism, Ramer and her group want to continue the expansion started by the library.

This year they are counting on 2,000 people to attend the event and in five years that number is expected to grow to 7,000.

To help with the expansion the event, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., moves from Evergreen Park to the old rodeo grounds on 7th Street so livestock like horses for jousting and dogs for herding, can be included.

“James Thomas from the city’s parks has been on in a huge way. He has been so awesome. The old rodeo grounds look fantastic. If we grassed the whole thing, we’ll have a second park because of the giant trees and things flowering. They’ve done a massive amount of work along with the Kinsmen,” she said.

When faire plans for this year started it was to be a two day event, but the second day, Aug. 15, is Earl Taylor Day and the group didn’t want to overlap. Instead of changing the weekend they reverted back to one day, however that will change for next year.

“We’ve been trying to pay attention to what is going on so we can pick a weekend. We haven’t defined a date for next year. We’re just keeping track of things that are going on so we don’t double up,” she said.

Another magical thing that has been happening is many people are calling to volunteer their services for the day.

“I love that. If the ticket price scares you, you can come free as long as you volunteer,” she said.
Ticket prices for the day are $8 per adult, $5 for children 6-12, or $20 for a family. There is no charge for children under six.

“Usually just the jousting event, one show, is $8.”

Ramer is stressing that the word medieval is only a time period from 600 to the 1600s allowing everyone from every culture and background to get involved and attend the event in full costume.
“Everyone has that in their history,” she said. “It’s not anything mystic. It’s just a chance for everybody to celebrate because we all have that time period.”

Tickets are available at the gate or online at brooksfaire.com, through PayPal.

Source: Brooks Bulletin

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