The Wild Hunt movie trailer

the-wild-hunt-posterI remember back in the 80’s there was a movie with Tom Hanks about a of group college students obsessed with playing Dungeons & Dragons…uh, I mean Mazes and Monsters. Soon the line between reality and fantasy began to blur for Hanks’ character and started living as his character. The Wild Hunt looks like a super charged version of Mazes and Monsters and less preachy. The Wild Hunt has made the rounds at North American film festivals since 2009. It had a limited release in Canada and the U.S.A. in 2010. So far it has not made it to my area. If it makes it here I will be attending the opening weekend. If not there is always Netflix.

A MODERN MEDIEVAL SAGA, The Wild Hunt tells the story of Erik Magnusson, a young man who decides to follow his estranged girlfriend Evelyn into a medieval re-enactment game when he discovers that she has been seduced by one of the players.

As the down-to-earth Erik treks deeper into the game in search of his love, he inadvertently disrupts the delicate balance of the make believe fantasy-land.

Passions are unleashed. Rules are broken. Reality and fantasy collide. The good-hearted game turns into a tragedy of mythic proportion…

Capturing the culture of costume play and the potentially dangerous intersection of real and made-up worlds, The Wild Hunt is a timely and potent comment on the consuming nature of adopting another identity, even within a game, and the modern yearning for ritual.

WARNING: The trailer may not be suitable for children or work as it contains foul language and graphic violence.

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