Castle’s keepers like to boast about ghosts

Warwick Castle's keepers like to boast about ghosts

Warwick Castle

If every castle in the British Isles that claims to be the most haunted actually was the most haunted, there would be about a 30-way tie for the title.

Many of those medieval strongholds stand in ruin and challenge the imagination. Some pay minimal respect to their wraiths.

Some officially reject the notion of ghosts.

One, the sprawling, spectacular Warwick Castle, in the town and shire of the same name, wears its spirits on its regal sleeve.

In fact, the keepers of the castle flaunt their phantoms with events and attractions deep in the Dungeon and high in the Ghost Tower.

Many casual visitors and serious paranormal investigators have encountered spirits in the Ghost (officially Watergate) Tower. A young girl’s ghost has been sensed there, but the most prominent and powerful entity is Sir Fulke Greville, who was murdered in 1628.

The apparition of the poet, courtier and statesman has been seen in several locations in the tower, but also has been detected in his former study and bedroom.

Is Warwick the most haunted castle in England? Probably not.

But, it is certainly among the most impressive and accessible.

Source: Reading Eagle

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