Iron Age gold ring found on Funen

Iron Age gold ring found on FunenDiscovery near the village of Gudme is the second since August

Yet another handcrafted gold artifact has been found on Funen, just weeks after the discovery by a local fisherman of a gold bracelet from 800AD.

The gold neck ring, estimated to be 1,500 years old, was found by professional archeologists.

They say the 140-gram, 50-centimetre long ring was hidden away in a small clay pot believed to have been buried in the ground as a hiding place for valuables. The find comes after a fisherman in the town of Vordingborg this August found a golden arm ring dating back 1,200 years.

The area around the village of Gudme in southern Funen, where the ring was found, is rich in finds from the Roman and Germanic Iron ages (1-700AD), and is believed to have been one of the richest areas in northern Europe at the time.

Both finds have been turned over to the National Museum in Copenhagen.

Source: The Copenhagen Post

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