The Economy According to Tolkien

JRR Tolkien LogoFor years J.R.R. Tolkien’s award winning novels have been favorites of medievalists and fantasy enthusiasts alike. In fact The Lord of the Rings is listed as the 4th best selling book of all time, selling 150 million copies. If you throw in the 100 million copies of The Hobbit Tolkien has two of the best selling books.

The movies are equally impressive. The Lord of the Rings trilogy is one the highest grossing movie trilogies ever! Of course it may be beaten out by its own prequel, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey released this month, is part 1 of a new trilogy.

However, since I only took economics in college because it was required I will let someone with more expertise explain the Tolkien economic phenomenon. The good folks over at MBA online put together a short video detailing the impact of Tolkien’s work. Enjoy the video and please post your comments below.

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