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Medieval remains uncovered near Durham University

Richard III Skull

Four human skulls, thought to date back to medieval times, have been uncovered near Durham University. A team of archaeologists and builders made the discovery while carrying out work for the development of the university’s Palace Green Library, which this summer was home to the Lindisfarne Gospels exhibition. Construction work has now been halted to…

Giving Richard III a reburial fit for a medieval king

King Richard III

The first glimpse of how Richard III could be reburied has been revealed, with the service to be shaped by the scholarly detective work of an Oxford University academic. Alexandra Buckle, from St Anne’s and St Hilda’s colleges, has reconstructed how an authentic medieval reburial service should be conducted. Dr Buckle, an expert in medieval…

The Many Faces of the Middle Ages: Medieval Facial Reconstruction

medieval facial reconstruction

Earlier this year the medieval world was flipped on its head with the discovery of King Richard III. One of the fascinating aspects of the project was the facial reconstruction of Richard III. But it wasn’t the first time facial reconstruction was utilized on a medieval skeleton. Facial Reconstruction What exactly is facial reconstruction and…

Drawings show scale of Newport’s medieval ship

Newport Medieval Ship drawing

For the first time, Newport’s Medieval ship has been recreated as it would have looked when sailing the seas more than 500 years ago. Irish shipwright Pat Tanner examined the ship over a six-month period, making drawings in painstaking detail of what she would once have looked like. During his work on the ship he…

Apple’s Latest Discovery: A 15th Century Spanish Ruin

medieval apple store

Construction workers breaking ground on Madrid’s new Apple Store unearthed the ruins of a medieval hospital Apple has been called “groundbreaking” for its innovative phones and user-friendly computers, but the word took on a much more literal meaning this week when a construction crew in Madrid broke ground for a new Apple Store and discovered…

Long-lost medieval stone with mysterious carvings discovered in Wales

Silian Stone | Medieval Archives

In a small Welsh village, Nikki Vousden and Roderick Bale were enjoying an evening stroll in the woods when a rock with strange carvings by the side of a stream caught their attention. Both archeologists, they knew it was no ordinary slab. It took a late night in the library and a call with an…

Ancient Toilet Reveals Parasites in Crusaders’ Poop

ancient toilet Saranda Kolones

Intestinal parasites have been found lurking in ancient poop in the toilet of a medieval castle in western Cyprus, scientists report. The findings paint a less than pretty picture of the health and hygiene of crusaders stationed on the Mediterranean island 800 years ago. Poor sanitation likely meant that food and water supplies were contaminated…

Lost medieval city older than Angkor Wat found in Cambodia

Angkor Wat | Medieval Archives

A lost medieval city that thrived on a mist-shrouded Cambodian mountain 1,200 years ago has been discovered by archaeologists using revolutionary airborne laser technology, a report said Saturday. In what it called a world exclusive, the Sydney Morning Herald said the city, Mahendraparvata, included temples hidden by jungle for centuries, many of which have not…

Richard III Internship: Year 12 pupils to work with archaeologists who discovered Richard III

Richard III Skull

Calling all Year 12 students in the Leicester area! This would be an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in History or Archaeology. Get your applications in now. Press Release: Year 12 students around the country have a unique opportunity to work side by side with the University of Leicester archaeologists who discovered King Richard III….

Northampton Castle finds include 10th Century lamps

10th century lamps | Medieval Archives

Objects dating back to the 10th Century have been discovered at the location of Northampton’s new railway station. The latest finds by archaeologists at the site, once home to Northampton Castle, include a medieval silver penny and two Saxon oil lamps. Andy Chapman from Northamptonshire Archaeology said: “The findings helped to paint a picture of…

The search begins for archaeological evidence of the Battle of Lewes

Battle of Lewes plaque

A major archaeological search began on Tuesday to find evidence from the Battle of Lewes. The dig got under way in driving rain at Landport Bottom on the anniversary of the battle 749 years earlier. Tantalisingly, it achieved immediate results. Luke Barber, Research Officer for the Sussex Archaeological Society, said the first day uncovered a…

Plenty to discover at medieval ruins

Codnor Castle

A team of dedicated trustees are on a mission to reveal the true identity of one of Derbyshire’s finest standing castles. This year the Codnor Castle Heritage Trust has been busy clear the undergrowth in the south court of the medieval ruins – getting rid of all thorn, scrub and ivy that has built up…

The River Thames, A Not-So-Secret Treasure Trove

Thames River artifacts

In the United Kingdom, British archaeologists have made a number of significant discoveries as of late, from the battered remains of King Richard III — found buried beneath a parking lot — to, more recently, a 14th-century burial ground for plague victims in London. British soil is, in fact, full of traces of the past….

Philippe Charlier, The Forensic Scientist Who Thinks A Medieval Cadaver Smells Good

Richard the Lionheart's Heart

The 13th-century cadaver, says Philippe Charlier, actually smells good. That’s because its veins have been filled with a mixture of mercury and beeswax, preserving the body. “Also it was smoked, like salmon or like pork,” he says. So even after 800 years, it’s in pretty good shape. Charlier is a physician and forensic scientist at…

The women behind Richard III’s DNA

Blood Sisters UK paperback

A few months ago Sarah Gristwood came on the podcast for an interview and we talked about her book Blood Sisters: The Women Behind the Wars of the Roses. At the time the remains of King Richard III were being tested to confirm it was actually the King. During the interview Sarah explained how the…