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Historians locate King Arthur’s Round Table

Historians claim to have finally located the site of King Arthur’s Round Table – and believe it could have seated 1,000 people. Researchers exploring the legend of Britain’s most famous Knight believe his stronghold of Camelot was built on the site of a recently discovered Roman amphitheatre in Chester. Legend has it that his Knights…

Oldest remains of English royalty unearthed

The bones of Alfred the Great’s granddaughter Eadgyth have been discovered in Germany. Forensic anaylsis of the contents of a recently-discovered tomb has concluded that it contained the oldest surviving remains of any member of the English Royal family The tomb was hailed as ”one of the most exciting historical discoveries in recent years” when…

Scientists explore “Robin Hood’s prison”

Scientists in Nottingham, England, are studying nearly 500 man-made caves under the city and surrounding countryside. Some of the caves, hewn into the soft sandstone by generations of laborers, date back to the early Middle Ages. They were used for businesses, storage, shelter, and one is reputed to have been the prison of Robin Hood….