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The Vikings Podcast #103: Wrath of the Northmen

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Ragnar successfully recruits a band of adventurous Vikings to sail west. Will they find any land or only a vast empty ocean? What will happen when Earl Haraldson finds out about his treachery? On today’s episode of The Vikings Podcast we will review and recap episode 2: “Wrath of the Norsemen”. Then we’ll look at…

The Vikings Podcast #102: Rites of Passage

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Vikings stormed onto the small screen with intense battles, poltiical intrigue and norse mythology. The premiere episode of Vikings was fantastic. Telling the story of Ragnar Lothbrok and his quest to venture West in search of untold fortune. The cast is excellent and the history is surprisingly accurate. On today’s episode of The Vikings Podcast…

The Vikings Podcast #101: A Podcast is Coming

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Welcome to the premiere episode of the Vikings Podcast! I’ve put together a brief episode to introduce the actors and the characters they play. There are a few sound clips from the show and the show format is discussed. Vikings premieres on 03 March 2013 on The History Channel USA & Canada. Find the podcast…