Game of Thrones Season 4: All Men

Game of Thrones season 4

Only two weeks to go before Game Of Thrones Season 4 hits the airwaves. You may still be in shock from the end Season 3, but Season 4 is quickly approaching. Who will survive?!? Game of Thrones Season 4 premieres on 06 April 2014

The Vikings Podcast #202: Invasion

Vikings Brothers Medieval Archives

Rollo is back in the clan! Jarl Borg is out and Horic forms an alliance with Siggy. Episode 2 is action packed and full of surprises. Will Ragnar raid West? Will Rollo redeem himself? Find out now! We’ll review and recap episode 2: “Invasion”. Then we’ll look at the history presented in the show and…

MAP#51: Jacques de Molay and The Knights Templar

Jacques de Molay Knights Templar

Jacques de Molay the 23rd and final Grand Master of The Poor Fellow Soldiers of Christ and the Temple of Solomon, better know as The Knights Templar. The Knights Templar formed in 1119 and quickly rose in power and wealth. With help from the church they were able to amass a fortune in money and…

Remains of a medieval monk discovered after his legs are found poking out of a sea ridge

medieval monk leg bones

The remains of an 800-year-old monk have been uncovered after his legs were spotted sticking out of cliff by a beach walker. Mandy Ewington was strolling along the seashore when she looked up and saw two bones poking out of the cliff face. She took a picture of the leg bones and sent them to…

The Vikings Podcast #201: Brother’s War

Ragnar Vikings

Ragnar and company are back! Season 2 of VIKINGS kicked off last week with an exciting episode that ties up the loose ends from Season 1. And it sets the stage for the rest of Season 2! We’ll review and recap episode 1: “Brother’s War”. Then we’ll look at the history presented in the show…

Henry III’s Confirmation of Magna Carta in March 1265

Magna Carta 1215

The purpose of this Feature of the Month is to bring attention to a little-known text of the confirmation of Magna Carta made by Henry III, in March 1265. The text survives in the form of an inspeximus of the 1225 issue of Magna Carta and Charter of the Forest and includes a witness list…

Medieval Candelabra Hints at Forgotten Sea Routes

A 10th-century candelabra found off the coast of the Spanish island of Ibiza may be a clue to long-forgotten shipping routes in that era. But the candelabra’s use and origin remain a stubborn mystery, researchers report in the journal Archivo Español de Arqueología. A new dive to the spot where the object was found in…

VIKINGS Season 2 ‘Training for War’

vikings logo

Here’s a peek into what’s in store tomorrow night. Athelstan is turning into a warrior monk!

Battle of Bannockburn visitor centre set to open

Bannockburn Visitor Centre

It has been the scene of the most famous battle in Scottish history for almost 700 years. Now 21st century Hollywood technology has been combined with medieval combat techniques to turn the Battle of Bannockburn into Scotland’s newest visitor attraction. From dramatic cavalry charges to sudden archery attacks, the sights and sounds of the battlefield…

VIKINGS Season 1 video recap

vikings logo

The wait is almost over! Vikings Season 2 is getting closer. You can catch up on Season 1 as you anxiously await Thursday night.

MAP#50: Medieval Torture

Medieval Torture

In the Middle Ages torture was used for a variety of reasons, to gain information, to purify heretics and to punish criminals. In this lesson of the Medieval Archives Podcast we are going to explore medieval torture and the devices used by medieval torturers. Devices of pain, torment and mutilation used by the Church to…

VIKINGS returns in 3 days! Season 2 Teaser is up.

vikings logo

VIKINGS Season 2 premiere is in 3 days, 27 February, 2014. Don’t miss out on the continued saga of Ragnar, Lagertha, Athelstan and Rollo. Below is a teaser for Season 2. It is full of so much imagery it could take more than 3 days to decode. VIKINGS airs on Thursday nights at 10pm EST.

Viking apocalypse: End of the world predicted to happen on Saturday

Viking Ragnarok

The end of the world is almost upon us if Norse mythology is to be believed, which predicts the Earth will split open and release the inhabitants of the underworld on 22 February. On Saturday, according to Norse legend at least, the series of events leading up to Ragnarok will culminate in an epic battle,…

Scientists Think They Have Found The Mythical ‘Sunstone’ Vikings Used To Navigate Warships

Viking sunstone

An oblong crystal found in the wreck of a 16th-century English warship is a sunstone, a near-mythical navigational aid said to have been used by Viking mariners, researchers said on Wednesday. The stone is made of Iceland spar, a transparent, naturally-occurring calcite crystal that polarizes light and can get a bearing on the Sun, they…

Knights vs. Samurai: It’s the ultimate crossing of swords

Japan Armored Battle League

Every guy at some point in his life has likely fantasized about a hypothetical dream match — whether it be a bout between Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson or sumo-champ Hakuho clashing with the great Taiho. Those who daydream even more imaginatively would probably pit Batman against Godzilla. Jay Noyes, however, is about to take…