The Vikings Podcast #102: Rites of Passage

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Vikings stormed onto the small screen with intense battles, poltiical intrigue and norse mythology. The premiere episode of Vikings was fantastic. Telling the story of Ragnar Lothbrok and his quest to venture West in search of untold fortune. The cast is excellent and the history is surprisingly accurate. On today’s episode of The Vikings Podcast…

Claude, Duke of Guise in the Battle of Marignano

Claude of Guise

Susan Abernathy joins the Medieval Archives with another great post. Susan is the Freelance History Writer, covering topics from Ancient history to the 20th Century. Visit her blog at You can also like Susan on Facebook or follow Susan on Twitter. ~The Archivist In reading about the mother of Mary, Queen of Scots, Mary…

Philippe Charlier, The Forensic Scientist Who Thinks A Medieval Cadaver Smells Good

Richard the Lionheart's Heart

The 13th-century cadaver, says Philippe Charlier, actually smells good. That’s because its veins have been filled with a mixture of mercury and beeswax, preserving the body. “Also it was smoked, like salmon or like pork,” he says. So even after 800 years, it’s in pretty good shape. Charlier is a physician and forensic scientist at…

The Vikings Podcast #101: A Podcast is Coming

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Welcome to the premiere episode of the Vikings Podcast! I’ve put together a brief episode to introduce the actors and the characters they play. There are a few sound clips from the show and the show format is discussed. Vikings premieres on 03 March 2013 on The History Channel USA & Canada. Find the podcast…

The women behind Richard III’s DNA

Blood Sisters UK paperback

A few months ago Sarah Gristwood came on the podcast for an interview and we talked about her book Blood Sisters: The Women Behind the Wars of the Roses. At the time the remains of King Richard III were being tested to confirm it was actually the King. During the interview Sarah explained how the…

Game of Thrones: Season 3 trailer

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If you are behind on Game of Thrones you have one month to get caught up! Season 3 premiers on 31 March 2013. The promotional poster and official trailer are below. I can’t wait!

VIKINGS: The Warrior – Lagertha

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Katheryn Winnick will play Ragnars wife Lagertha. Winnick appeared in the movie Love and Other Drugs and in several TV series including: Bones, Nikita, law and Order and Transporter. Lagertha is a famous shieldmaiden who often fights alongside Ragnar. Legend has it that Lagertha was also one of the mythological Valkyre’s. Vikings premieres on 03…

MAP#35 – Richard III: Lost and Found

The medieval-verse was all abuzz the last couple of weeks about an exciting archaeology find. Back in August 2012 the University of Leicester started a search for the lost remains of King Richard III. Richard was killed during the Battle of Bosworth, the final major battle of the Wars of the Roses. King Richard’s death…

VIKINGS: The Ruler, Earl Haraldson

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Golden Globe winner Gabriel Byrne plays Earl Haraldson, the ruler of the county. Byrne has a long acting carreer and has appeared in Excalibur, The Usual Suspects, Enemy of the State, assualt on Precint 13, In Treatment, Secret State and Quirke to name a few. Earl Haraldson doesn’t appear to be based on one specific…

Medieval Love is in the Air

Courtly Love

Following up on the Maddest Medieval Monarch series Andrea Cefalo is posting about Medieval love for the month of February. Last week she wrote about Abelard and Heloise dubbed ‘The Twelfth Century’s Romeo and Juliet’ Check out the Star Crossed Lovers series throughout the month to learn more about courtly love. You can also connect…

The Battle of Winchelsea by Susan Abernethy

Naval battle of l'Ecluse

Today we have a guest post by Susan Abernethy. Susan is the Freelance History Writer, covering topics from Ancient history to the 20th Century. Visit her blog at You can also like Susan on Facebook or follow Susan on Twitter. ~The Archivist By the time of reign of King Edward III of England, some…

Game of Thrones Season 3 Trailer ‘Chaos’

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Season 3 of the Game of Thrones is fast approaching and the teasers are starting to appear. Game of Thrones Season 3 premieres on HBO on 3.31.13

Richard III dig: Facial reconstruction shows how king may have looked

A facial reconstruction based on the skull of Richard III has revealed how the English king may have looked. A skeleton found under a car park in Leicester has been confirmed as that of the king. The reconstructed face has a slightly arched nose and prominent chin, similar to features shown in portraits of Richard…

Image of Richard III’s Skull

The University of Leicester, with Channel 4, unveiled the world’s first photograph of the human remains found at the Grey Friars church — which could be that of King Richard III. The image is released in advance of the University of Leicester’s major announcement detailing the results of its investigations into the skeleton’s identity on…

Richard III’s wounds from Bosworth – Video

In this video Dr. Jo Appleby discusses the skeleton of King Richard III and the wounds he received in the Battle of Bosworth.