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Richard III Internship: Year 12 pupils to work with archaeologists who discovered Richard III

Richard III Skull

Calling all Year 12 students in the Leicester area! This would be an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in History or Archaeology. Get your applications in now. Press Release: Year 12 students around the country have a unique opportunity to work side by side with the University of Leicester archaeologists who discovered King Richard III….

Northampton Castle finds include 10th Century lamps

10th century lamps | Medieval Archives

Objects dating back to the 10th Century have been discovered at the location of Northampton’s new railway station. The latest finds by archaeologists at the site, once home to Northampton Castle, include a medieval silver penny and two Saxon oil lamps. Andy Chapman from Northamptonshire Archaeology said: “The findings helped to paint a picture of…

Plenty to discover at medieval ruins

Codnor Castle

A team of dedicated trustees are on a mission to reveal the true identity of one of Derbyshire’s finest standing castles. This year the Codnor Castle Heritage Trust has been busy clear the undergrowth in the south court of the medieval ruins – getting rid of all thorn, scrub and ivy that has built up…

The River Thames, A Not-So-Secret Treasure Trove

Thames River artifacts

In the United Kingdom, British archaeologists have made a number of significant discoveries as of late, from the battered remains of King Richard III — found buried beneath a parking lot — to, more recently, a 14th-century burial ground for plague victims in London. British soil is, in fact, full of traces of the past….

MAP#35 – Richard III: Lost and Found

The medieval-verse was all abuzz the last couple of weeks about an exciting archaeology find. Back in August 2012 the University of Leicester started a search for the lost remains of King Richard III. Richard was killed during the Battle of Bosworth, the final major battle of the Wars of the Roses. King Richard’s death…

Richard III dig: Facial reconstruction shows how king may have looked

A facial reconstruction based on the skull of Richard III has revealed how the English king may have looked. A skeleton found under a car park in Leicester has been confirmed as that of the king. The reconstructed face has a slightly arched nose and prominent chin, similar to features shown in portraits of Richard…

Image of Richard III’s Skull

The University of Leicester, with Channel 4, unveiled the world’s first photograph of the human remains found at the Grey Friars church — which could be that of King Richard III. The image is released in advance of the University of Leicester’s major announcement detailing the results of its investigations into the skeleton’s identity on…

Richard III’s wounds from Bosworth – Video

In this video Dr. Jo Appleby discusses the skeleton of King Richard III and the wounds he received in the Battle of Bosworth.

Richard III found in Grey Friars car park – Video

While we (or at least the USA) slept the University of Leicester held a press conference to disclose the results of a DNA test. The test was conducted on remains found in a Grey Friars car park last fall and believed to by those of King Richard III, the last Plantagenet King of England. To…

Liverpool University Press acquires Medieval, Classics and History lists from University of Exeter Press

Liverpool University Press

Liverpool University Press, the UK’s third oldest university press, has finalized an agreement with the University of Exeter Press to acquire its Medieval Studies, Classics and Ancient History, History, Archaeology and Landscape Studies lists, with immediate effect. The acquisition includes the following book series: Exeter Medieval Texts and Studies, Exeter Studies in Medieval Europe, Exeter…

Medieval underwear points to racy history

Underwear dating from medieval times that was found under flooring of an Austrian castle is hardly racy by the standards of today. But the discovery does suggest that women in 15th-century Europe took pride in their appearance, and perhaps not just the privileged classes. The University of Innsbruck announced this summer that “the world’s oldest…

For Sale: Viking hoard of swords from Bonhams Arms & Armour

A stunning array of death-dealing swords from the Medieval period and earlier, including Viking weapons, form the main thrust of Bonhams sale of Antique Arms and Armour on November 28th in Knightsbridge. David Williams, Director of Arms and Armour at Bonhams, comments: “Many of these rare and remarkable weapons would have been used in battle….

New details on the medieval ‘vampire’ burial

medieval vampire skull

The discovery of a skeleton found with metal spikes through its shoulders, heart and ankles, dating from 550-700AD and buried in the ancient minster town of Southwell, Notts, is detailed in a new report. It is believed to be a ‘deviant burial’, where people considered the ‘dangerous dead’, such as vampires, were interred to prevent…

Medieval female skeleton may be church founder

Richard III car park dig

A skeleton found in the same boneyard where English King Richard III may have been buried might be one of the founders of the Church of the Grey Friars, archaeologists announced Tuesday (Oct. 30). Scientists have yet to examine the female skeleton, though they are subjecting a male skeleton suspected to be Richard III’s to…

London Construction Reveals Medieval Graves

London Medieval Graves

London is built on layers of its own past. Occasionally they poke through to the present, like the old Roman walls and the Temple of Mithras. Now two current construction projects have revealed glimpses of the city’s previous epochs. Work to build a leisure center at Elephant and Castle has uncovered some 500 medieval skeletons,…