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Berlin museums, Jewish heirs in dispute over medieval art

medieval cross

It’s a medieval treasure trove worth an estimated quarter of a billion dollars, filled with gold crosses studded with gems and intricate silverwork. For years, it’s been at the center of a dispute between a Berlin museum foundation and the heirs of Holocaust-era Jewish art dealers. On Wednesday, a German government-created commission convened to make…

Louvre Pays Junk Dealer $10 Million for Rare Medieval Pieta

Malouel Pieta

The story of how the Louvre purchased a painting by medieval master Jean Malouel for €7.8 million ($10 million) begins, improbably enough, in 1985 in the small town of Vic-le-Comte in south-central France (population: 4,700). The parish priest, trying to raise money to install a heating system in the church, decided to sell various bric-a-brac…

Zitadelle Spandau – A Medieval fort

Berlin is not only a historical city of the long 20th century but holds also relicts of an anterior time. For example the Zitadelle Spandau which is one of the most well-preserved Renaissance forts in Europe. The old medieval castle was rebuilt in the 17th century in a “neo-Italian manner” by the elector Joachim II….