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MAP#38 – Medieval Archaeology News

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I was first introduced to archaeology as a kid and up on the movie screen was a whip carrying, fedora wearing relic hunter. When Indiana Jones wasn’t fighting Nazis or running for his life he was on a quest to gather ancient artifacts. Today on the Medieval Archives Podcast we are going to examine real…

Robin Hood site planned for 2015

Plans for a new multimillion-pound visitor attraction celebrating the legend of Robin Hood have been announced in the UK. Nottinghamshire County Council is seeking to build a STG13 million ($A20 million) visitor attraction called Discover Robin Hood in Sherwood Forest, complete with medieval castle and fortified ramparts. If the plans are approved, the 17-hectare attraction…

Ghostly photograph taken at execution site

A mysterious ghostly image has been taken at the execution site where hundreds of criminals were tried and put to death. The Galleries of Justice in Nottingham claims to be one of the most haunted locations in Great Britain. Scores of highwayman, murderers and thieves were subjected to public hangings from within its walls. Many…

Zitadelle Spandau – A Medieval fort

Berlin is not only a historical city of the long 20th century but holds also relicts of an anterior time. For example the Zitadelle Spandau which is one of the most well-preserved Renaissance forts in Europe. The old medieval castle was rebuilt in the 17th century in a “neo-Italian manner” by the elector Joachim II….