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Ghosts of Edinburgh

Take a quick tour through Edinburgh for more ghost stories.

Archaeologists investigate lost medieval chapel built to rest souls of kings in Edinburgh

medieval well

Archaeologists are analysing medieval finds following an intriguing community excavation at an Edinburgh farm Archaeologists in Edinburgh have found a fragment of floor tile from high status medieval Scots and a circular, stone-lined well while searching for the remains of a chapel built almost 500 years ago. Extensive research suggests the chapel, built by Sir…

Commemorating 1200th Anniversary of Death of Emperor Charlemagne

Charlemagne Portriat

University of Edinburgh, School of History, Classics & Archaeology is proud to commemorate the 1200th Anniversary of the death of the emperor Charlemagne on Tuesday 28th January 2014 with two special events sponsored by the European Commission in Scotland. Workshop A workshop for postgraduates in medieval studies programmes with two distinguished scholars; Professor Mayke de…

Haunted Castles: Edinburgh

Edinburgh Castle

Yesterday we looked at the ghost stories from the Tower of London. Anne Boleyn, the Princes in the Tower, Henry VI, Thomas Becket, they all roam the halls of the Tower. But today we are going up north to Scotland, to the haunted town of Edinburgh. First up is a History Channel documentary on the…

Durham Cathedral is voted top UK landmark

Durham Cathedral

Magnificent Durham Cathedral has been named the UK’s number one landmark in a poll of world travellers. The 900-year-old World Heritage Site triumphed in the inaugural Travellers’ Choice Attractions awards, organised by Trip Advisor. The towering Norman construction triumphed over Edinburgh’s Camera Obscura and World of Illusions, with its awe-inspiring views of the Scottish capital…

700-year-old William Wallace letter returned to Scotland

Wallace Passport

The medieval document will go on public display this summer alongside the famous Lubeck letter. A 700-year-old letter believed to have been carried by William Wallace has been returned to Scotland. The medieval document has been archived in England since it was discovered in the Tower of London in the 1830s. The document is now…

History, shopping, bagpipes mingle on Royal Mile

The castle is a man’s place, spare and stern, ringed by cannon and places for men to fight. Only one part is feminine – and it’s survived for 880 years. Tiny St. Margaret’s Chapel, with its simple white nave and curvy chancel, has seen many a Scottish bride marry her warrior – and still holds…