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MAP#57: Dan Jones Interview: Wars of the Roses and The Plantagenets

Dan Jones Wars of the Roses

Award-winning journalist, best selling author and Historian Dan Jones joins the Medieval Archives Podcast to talk all things Plantagenets! His first book on the subject The Plantagents: The Kings Who made England covers the first two centuries of Plantagenet Kings from Henry II to Richard II. In his latest book Wars of the Roses(Hollow Crown,…

Vagarem – Medieval Music from France

Vagarem, Latin for ‘Wandering,’ is a trio of musicians traveling across France sharing their medieval music. Below is a video of their 2013 performances and what you can expect in 2014. If you live in France be sure to check them out! Or Buy their CD and you can enjoy them anywhere. Visit the Vagarem…

MAP #43: The Battle of Tours 732

Battle of Tours 732

October is a battle weary month in the Middle Ages with no fewer than six major battles! This month we are going to discuss a couple of the battles. In this episode we are going to look at the Battle of Tours in 732. The Battle of Tours pitted the Frankish Christian army led by…

MAP#41: King Louis VIII ‘The Lion’

Louis VIII The Lion

French King Louis VIII who as a young Prince invaded England with the support of the English barons with the hope of taking the throne from King John. He would rise to King in France and take part in the Albigensian Crusade to gain back his lands in Southern France. In this episode we’ll look…

Aethelstan, Anglo-Saxon King of England

King Aethelstan | Medieval Archives

Susan Abernethy joins Medieval Archives with another fantastic post! Susan is the Freelance History Writer, covering topics from Ancient history to the 20th Century. Visit her blog at thefreelancehistorywriter.com. You can also like The Freelance History Writer on Facebook or follow Susan on Twitter. ~The Archivist Aethelstan was the first King of Wessex to bring…

Drawings show scale of Newport’s medieval ship

Newport Medieval Ship drawing

For the first time, Newport’s Medieval ship has been recreated as it would have looked when sailing the seas more than 500 years ago. Irish shipwright Pat Tanner examined the ship over a six-month period, making drawings in painstaking detail of what she would once have looked like. During his work on the ship he…

Announcing the Award winning documentary ‘Battle Castle’

Battle Castle

Battle Castle created and produced by Parallax Film Productions is hands down the best documentary of this century. Now, I’ve been squealing over this show like a teenage girl at a Justin Bieber concert for well over a year. No I don’t cry and faint when I watch it…well not anymore. But now I am…

Medieval crown jewels on display at Prague castle

Crown jewels

The Czech crown jewels went on show at Prague castle Friday, in a rare public display for the 700-year-old items that are pulled out only on special occasions. The medieval works of art consist of a gold crown decorated with 96 precious stones including rubies and sapphires, along with a sceptre, royal orb and other…

Battle Castle: Austin, Texas

Battle Castle Logo

The invaders moved in almost overnight and now they are ready to attack. If you live in the Austin, Texas area you can watch a Battle Castle Mini-Marathon today on PBS station KLRU. Don’t miss it! #BattleCastle marathon on @KLRU Austin, TX featuring Crac des Chevaliers, Dover and Malaga. Sunday May 5th @ 3:55 pm….

Battle Castle: San Francisco Dates

Battle Castle Logo

San Francisco PBS station KQED released their schedule for Battle Castle. And they are running a marathon! If you live in the Bay area plan your Memorial Day Weekend around the Battle Castle lineup! It will air beginning Thursday, 23 May 2013 and the final show will be on Saturday, 25 May 2013. Get your…

Become king of the castle in Europe

The Curfew Tower, Windsor Castle | Medieval Archives

1. England The intimate one Britain’s largest castle is in Windsor, and if you manage to get a room there, do send us a postcard. For those who prefer a shorter walk to the breakfast table and fewer corgis in the way, Hellifield Peel Castle is a fortified home on a more human scale. 2….

Battle Castle: Georgia, USA dates

Battle Castle Logo

Another station has checked in with dates and times for Battle Castle. Georgia Public Broadcasting will air episodes on Friday nights. The bad news is they started last Friday! The good news is you can catch a replay of Episode 1: Crac des Chevaliers this Wednesday. The dates and times are below. GPB – Georgia…

Battle Castle USA Tour Dates

Battle Castle Logo

With one tweet medievalists across the USA celebrated. It premiered on Hstory Channel Canada last winter, followed by BBC TV in the fall and now, finally Battle Castle hits the USA! [blackbirdpie url=https://twitter.com/battlecastle/status/287330515885899776] That’s the great news. The not so good news is it wasn’t bought by a national channel like History or Discovery. It…

Timeline Battle Castles: iPad app review

Timeline Battle Castle

2012 was a good year for medieval media and castles in general. The year started off with the fantastic documentary series Battle Castles hosted by Dan Snow, followed by a book of the same name written by Dan Snow. If that wasn’t enough there is now a Battle Castle app. While the documentary and book…

The Medieval Anarchy – eBook review

The Medieval Anarchy

Ah, The Anarchy, a period in England’s history when war raged and chaos reigned. A time so turbulent medieval chroniclers claimed that ‘Christ and his saints slept.’ You’ve had a chance to explore the Anarchy on this site through various podcasts and posts, but today we are going to look at an eBook on The…