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Medieval castle can be yours for a night

When I received an invitation to a weekend party at England’s Hampton Court, I anticipated free rein between the ramparts at a castle Henry VIII once called his own. It wasn’t until I prepared to book my train ticket that I discovered my mistake. I had been asked to Hampton Court Castle in Hereford, not…

Medieval diet aids healthy eating message

The Horrible Histories series has been a great success in teaching children about the lives of the Romans, Aztecs and Egyptians, among others. But could history also hold the key to encouraging our children to eat better? Dr Iona McCleery, a lecturer in medieval history at Leeds University, believes it could help experts tackle the…

Royal court ready to rule in Crownsville

King Henry VIII is headed to Maryland and setting up his kingdom for a few months. At the annual Maryland Renaissance Festival, opening Aug. 28 Crownsville, attendees will get a chance to see familiar faces during their track through the medieval times and the reign of the English monarch, best known for his many wives….