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Full Metal Jousting: Episode 10 “The Championship Joust”

Full Metal Jousting History Channel

This is it! The Wildcard joust and the Championship joust. How will they pick the Wildcard and who will it be? At the end of it all the first Full Metal Jousting Champion will stand tall. Let’s get started… Episode 10: ‘The Championship Joust’ The competitors are in the house and Shane and the coaches…

Full Metal Jousting: Episode 9 “Charge On”

Full Metal Jousting History Channel

The two semifinal jousts are set and after this episode we will have two jousters left to face off for the championship. Episode 9: ‘Charge On’ The competitors are treated to a nice dinner and get a chance to relax a bit before the semifinal jousts. Jake talks trash about the joust with Matt and…

Full Metal Jousting: Semifinal Sneak Peek

Full Metal Jousting History Channel

This Sunday is the are the Semifinal jousts on Full Metal Jousting. The semifinals should be good. Two hard hitting jousters, the underdog and a philosiphy student. Two will move on, two will be eliminated. The semifinal match-ups are: Black Team: Josh Knowles vs Red Team: Josh Avery Black Team: Matt Hiltman vs Red Team:…

Full Metal Jousting: Episode 8 “Go To War”

Not one, not two but all three remaining quarterfinal jousts! Who will win and move on to the Semi-finals? Let’s find out. Episode 8: ‘Go To War’ The episode opens with the jousters showing off their injuries. There are bruises in a variety of places but the worst is injury to Matt’s leg. It’s about…

Full Metal Jousting: Episode 7 “A Killing Machine”

Full Metal Jousting History Channel

One final joust before the quarterfinals begin. No major injuries this week but we see a massive hit that results in a double unhorsing! Episode 7: ‘A Killing Machine’ The episode opens at the jousting match-up platform. The jousters need no introduction, they are the only two who remain. The final joust will be Joe…

Full Metal Jousting: Episode 6 ‘Ready to Rock’

Full Metal Jousting History Channel

This episode was completely nuts! Multiple injuries, two joust and an eliminated jouster gets a second chance. Episode 6: ‘Ready to Rock’ This episode doesn’t open in the locker rooms, instead we see Shane standing atop the jousting match-up platform. The teams arrive and the first joust is arranged. With Rope’s win last week the…

Full Metal Jousting: Episode 5 “Hits Like A Truck”

Full Metal Jousting History Channel

We are at the half way point of Full Metal Jousting. This week focuses more on the competitors and less on the practice. We get to see some Monty Python-esqe tomfoolery and a scene stratght out of Blazing Saddles! Episode 5: ‘Hits Like A truck’ Matt is celebrating his victory and applauds John for jousting…

Full Metal Jousting: Episode 4 ‘Blood and Guts’

Full Metal Jousting History Channel

Don’t miss the previous recaps: Episode 1: The Ultimate Extreme Sport and Episode 2: Unhorsed Episode 4: ‘Blood and Guts’ In the Black Team’s locker room Rod is telling Joe that he had a great joust with a broken lance and unhorsing, that’s all they are asking for. Joe is still disappointed with his loss….

Full Metal Jousting: Episode 3 ‘Death Sticks & a Coffin’

Full Metal Jousting History Channel

Don’t miss the previous recaps: Episode 1: The Ultimate Extreme Sport and Episode 2: Unhorsed Episode 3: ‘Death Sticks & a Coffin’ In the Red Team’s locker room everyone is celebrating Jakes victory. Jake states that everyone thought he was a clown but after his “epic victory” they will now see him as more a…

Full Metal Jousting: Episode 2 Recap

Did you miss the previous recap? Read the Episode 1 recap. WARNING: As with all recaps there will be spoilers, including the eliminated jouster. Episode 2: ‘Unhorsed’ In the Black Team’s locker room we see Josh K. and his teammates celebrating the victory. Over in the Red Team’s Mike is apologizes for his lack of…

Full Metal Jousting: Episode 1 Recap

Full Metal Jousting History Channel

Full Metal Jousting (FMJ) debuted on the History channel Sunday night pulling in over 1.9 million viewers, finishing second in its time slot. FMJ is produced by Pilgrim Studios which has produced other hits including Dirty Jobs, American Chopper, Top Shot and The Ultimate Fighter. Their use of high speed and aerial cameras is superb….

Italian town prepares to joust

It is time for the butcher to polish up his battle-axe and the schoolmistress to stitch fresh silks on her noblewoman’s gown as the hired horseman hones his lance and primes his mount for combat. Jousting season in Sulmona, and the people of this ancient town, nestled in Italy’s central mountains, are making fevered preparations…

Lances, bones break for medieval fun

Most days Callum Forbes is a mild-mannered financial planner. But put him in a suit of armour, hand him a lance and that all changes. The Upper Hutt man becomes a warrior, a jouster, and he’s proud of it. “Jousters were like the Super 14 players, or the All Blacks of their day,” he said….