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The Medieval Calendar

The Order of X: Medieval X-Men

The Order of X

If you’ve been listening to the podcast or visiting this site for awhile you know that I am a child of the 80’s and I’ve talked about Dungeons and Dragons being my gateway into the middle ages. Well in the town I grew up in there was only one place to buy D&D modules, the…

The Many Faces of the Middle Ages: Medieval Facial Reconstruction

medieval facial reconstruction

Earlier this year the medieval world was flipped on its head with the discovery of King Richard III. One of the fascinating aspects of the project was the facial reconstruction of Richard III. But it wasn’t the first time facial reconstruction was utilized on a medieval skeleton. Facial Reconstruction What exactly is facial reconstruction and…

Announcing the Award winning documentary ‘Battle Castle’

Battle Castle

Battle Castle created and produced by Parallax Film Productions is hands down the best documentary of this century. Now, I’ve been squealing over this show like a teenage girl at a Justin Bieber concert for well over a year. No I don’t cry and faint when I watch it…well not anymore. But now I am…

Battle Castle: Austin, Texas

Battle Castle Logo

The invaders moved in almost overnight and now they are ready to attack. If you live in the Austin, Texas area you can watch a Battle Castle Mini-Marathon today on PBS station KLRU. Don’t miss it! #BattleCastle marathon on @KLRU Austin, TX featuring Crac des Chevaliers, Dover and Malaga. Sunday May 5th @ 3:55 pm….

Battle Castle: San Francisco Dates

Battle Castle Logo

San Francisco PBS station KQED released their schedule for Battle Castle. And they are running a marathon! If you live in the Bay area plan your Memorial Day Weekend around the Battle Castle lineup! It will air beginning Thursday, 23 May 2013 and the final show will be on Saturday, 25 May 2013. Get your…

Oldest European Medieval Cookbook Found


A 12th-century manuscript contains the oldest known European Medieval food recipes, according to new research. The recipes, which include both food and medical ointment concoctions, were compiled and written in Latin. Someone jotted them down at Durham Cathedral’s monastery in the year 1140. It was essentially a health book, so the meals were meant to…

Crusaders cheerleaders get medieval

Crusaders Cheerleaders Medieval Archives

The resurgent Crusaders have unveiled their latest weapon for making AMI Stadium a fortress throughout the Super Rugby season – The Maidens cheerleading team. Wielding swords and shields, and kitted-out in skimpy red and black “maiden meets warrior” outfits, the cheerleaders will do a guard of honour when the players run onto the field at…

Battle Castle: Georgia, USA dates

Battle Castle Logo

Another station has checked in with dates and times for Battle Castle. Georgia Public Broadcasting will air episodes on Friday nights. The bad news is they started last Friday! The good news is you can catch a replay of Episode 1: Crac des Chevaliers this Wednesday. The dates and times are below. GPB – Georgia…

Battle Castle USA Tour Dates

Battle Castle Logo

With one tweet medievalists across the USA celebrated. It premiered on Hstory Channel Canada last winter, followed by BBC TV in the fall and now, finally Battle Castle hits the USA! That’s the great news. The not so good news is it wasn’t bought by a national channel like History or Discovery. It was purchased…

Timeline Battle Castles: iPad app review

Timeline Battle Castle

2012 was a good year for medieval media and castles in general. The year started off with the fantastic documentary series Battle Castles hosted by Dan Snow, followed by a book of the same name written by Dan Snow. If that wasn’t enough there is now a Battle Castle app. While the documentary and book…

Free Seminar: Tools and Materials of the Medieval scribe

Medieval Scribe

On Wednesday, 21 Nov the FitzWilliam Museum in Cambridge will host a talk and demonstration by Patricia Lovett. If you go to the talk please leave a comment below and tell us about your experience. Get the complete details, time and location on BBC

London Construction Reveals Medieval Graves

London Medieval Graves

London is built on layers of its own past. Occasionally they poke through to the present, like the old Roman walls and the Temple of Mithras. Now two current construction projects have revealed glimpses of the city’s previous epochs. Work to build a leisure center at Elephant and Castle has uncovered some 500 medieval skeletons,…

Fire rages in Aleppo’s historic medieval market

Historic Medieval Market Torched ALEPPO

Fires have swept through the medieval marketplace of Aleppo, a district that helped make the heart of Syria’s largest city a UNESCO world heritage site. Some described the overnight blaze as the worst blow yet to a historic district that helped make the heart of Syria’s largest city and commercial hub a UNESCO world heritage…

Medieval barn to open at Lloyd’s Great Dixter home

Photo by Joe Rodriguez

A 500-year-old medieval barn and three 19th century oast houses are opening to the public for the first time at a well-known house in East Sussex. The Grade II* listed great barn will open on Tuesday at Great Dixter in Northiam near Rye, the former home of horticulturist Christopher Lloyd. It is one of the…