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The Vikings Podcast #206: Unforgiven

Viking Family Medieval

Lagertha gets sweet revenge! Bjorn finds love, Ragnar defends his honor and Jarl Borg is ready to soar with the Eagles! This week was another great episode of Vikings. On this episode of The Vikings Podcast we’ll review and recap episode 6, Unforgiven. Then we’ll look at the history presented in the show and see…

The Vikings Podcast #205: Answers in Blood

Vikings Warrior

Lagertha is back and Ragnar prepares to regain Kattegat! Aslaug worries about prophecies and Lagertha. Bjorn proves himself in battle. Athelstan is caught between Paganism and Christianity and battles for his soul! On this episode of The Vikings Podcast we’ll review and recap episode 5, Answers in Blood. Then we’ll look at the history presented…

The Vikings Podcast #204: Eye for an Eye

Ragnar Bjorn Lagertha

Ragnar meets King Ecbert and Jarl Borg rules Kattegat. Will Ragnar return to save his family? Will Rollo prove he can be trusted? Will Athelstan return to his Christian faith? Find out what happens in another exciting episode of Vikings. On this episode of The Vikings Podcast we’ll review and recap episode 4, Eye for…

The Vikings Podcast #203: Treachery

Vikings Athelstan

Ragnar invades Wessex, Athelstan questions his faith and Jarl Borg attacks Kattegat! Will Athelstan return to his christian roots? Will Rollo defeat Jarl Borg? find out on the all new episode of The Vikings Podcast. We’ll review and recap episode 3, Treachery. Then we’ll look at the history presented in the show and see how…

The Vikings Podcast #202: Invasion

Vikings Brothers Medieval Archives

Rollo is back in the clan! Jarl Borg is out and Horic forms an alliance with Siggy. Episode 2 is action packed and full of surprises. Will Ragnar raid West? Will Rollo redeem himself? Find out now! We’ll review and recap episode 2: “Invasion”. Then we’ll look at the history presented in the show and…

The Vikings Podcast #201: Brother’s War

Ragnar Vikings

Ragnar and company are back! Season 2 of VIKINGS kicked off last week with an exciting episode that ties up the loose ends from Season 1. And it sets the stage for the rest of Season 2! We’ll review and recap episode 1: “Brother’s War”. Then we’ll look at the history presented in the show…

VIKINGS Season 2 ‘Training for War’

vikings logo

Here’s a peek into what’s in store tomorrow night. Athelstan is turning into a warrior monk!

VIKINGS Season 1 video recap

vikings logo

The wait is almost over! Vikings Season 2 is getting closer. You can catch up on Season 1 as you anxiously await Thursday night.

VIKINGS returns in 3 days! Season 2 Teaser is up.

vikings logo

VIKINGS Season 2 premiere is in 3 days, 27 February, 2014. Don’t miss out on the continued saga of Ragnar, Lagertha, Athelstan and Rollo. Below is a teaser for Season 2. It is full of so much imagery it could take more than 3 days to decode. VIKINGS airs on Thursday nights at 10pm EST.

Vikings Season 2 Teaser

vikings logo

The History Channel has announced the premiere date for Vikings Season 2. Well not the date yet, but the month. Vikings will return in February 2014! Only a few months to go. HISTORY released a teaser to tide us over until the season premiere. There’s a lot of imagery in the video that may be…

The Vikings Podcast #111: Season One Blu-ray Giveaway!

Vikings Season 1

The regular podcast will be returning in a few weeks. I wanted to get out a quick update to let you know about the VIKINGS: Season One Blu-ray giveaway! It’s easy to enter and you could take home a great prize! Head over to http://www.medievalarchives.com/vikings-season-one-bluray-giveaway/ to enter the contest. One lucky player will win a…

Vikings: Season 1 raids your Blu-Ray player

It’s the day all Vikings fans have been waiting for. Today, Vikings: Season One makes its Blu-Ray and DVD debut. While we all wait in anticipation of the Second Season we can relive the greatness of Season One. Don’t wait to long to order your copy, HISTORY is offering “For a limited time, consumers who…

VIKINGS Season 2 teaser

Vikings San Diego Comic Con

Last week Vikings invaded San Diego Comic Con. While there was some talk of season 2 most of the cast was tight lipped about it. One good thing to come out of the event was the Season 2 teaser. The teaser is an intense look at the upcoming action in Season 2. While it looks…

The Vikings Podcast #110: All Change

Princess Aslaug | Medieval Archives

Ragnar is in Sweden dealing with Jarl Borg and meets a beautiful princess. Meanwhile Lagertha is back in Kattegat dealing with a deadly plague outbreak that threatens the entire village. Will Ragnar stray from Lagertha? Will anyone survive the deadly Plague? Find out all that and more on another episode of The Vikings Podcast. We’ll…

The Vikings Podcast #109: Sacrifice

Viking Priest Medieval Archives

Ragnar and his clan travel to Uppsala to offer the gods sacrifices in return for their favor. While there he strikes an alliance with King Horic and is offered a new mission. Athelstan Learns that he may not make it home alive and that his faith in God is still strong. Find out all that…