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Saxon workshop evidence found by amateur archaeologists in Somerset

Saxon Forge

Amateur archaeologists have unearthed what is believed to be a Saxon workshop in a dig in Somerset. The foundations were uncovered along with a large Norman building at an undisclosed location on the Mendip Hills. Saxon keys and a 13th Century jug were also among the finds. Project leader Pip Osborne, said: “There’s no written…

Archaeology and History of medieval Sherwood Forest

robin hood

Today we have a guest post by Andy Gaunt. Andy is a professional archaeologist in Nottinghamshire and an expert on Medieval Sherwood Forest, its landscape, people and administration. His information is below the post. Thanks Andy for the great article! ~The Archivist Archaeology and History of medieval Sherwood Forest http://sherwoodforesthistory.blogspot.com Sherwood Forest is the most…

Archeologists: Viking massacre came to unexpected ending

Bayeux Tapestry Viking Ship

Plundering, pillaging and plenty of sea food — what wasn’t to like about the life of a Viking? How it sometimes ended, suggests an archeological study in the current Oxford Journal of Archeology. In the study led by Mark Pollard of the United Kingdom’s University of Oxford, archeologists thought they had uncovered the victims of…