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MAP#74: Northern Crusades: Teutonic Knights, Alexander Nevsky and the Battle on the Ice

In 1242 the Teutonic Knights were conquering lands to the east into Novgorod. Pope Gregory IX blessed the Knights in their Crusade to rid Novgorod of the orthodox pagans. Alexander Nevsky and his army had other plans. They intended to defend their country from all invaders. The conflict ended with a fierce battle, called the…

Jaufre Rudel and Amor de Lonh

Jaufre Rudel | Medieval Archives

Jaufre Rudel was a 12th century troubadour and crusader. His reason for joining the Second Crusade was based on love, not war. After hearing stories of the legendary beauty of the Countess Hodierna of Tripoli, Jaufre joined the Crusade to see her. He wrote songs professing his love to Hodierna, although he never met her…

The golden chalice of the great Abbot Suger of Saint-Denis

French 12th Century (cup Alexandrian 2nd/1st Century B.C.) French 12th Century (artist) Chalice of the Abbot Suger of Saint-Denis, 2nd/1st century B.C. (cup); 1137-1140 (mounting) sardonyx cup with heavily gilded silver mounting, adorned with filigrees set with stones, pearls, glass insets, and opaque white glass pearls overall (height): 18.4 cm (7 1/4 in.) overall (diam….