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Medieval-Era Ship Raised from Dutch Riverbed

medieval shipwreck denmark

A wooden ship likely to have been deliberately sunk in a Dutch river to alter its flow more than 600 years ago has been successfully raised by a team of archaeologists. The Ijssel River, a tributary of the legendary Rhine, harbored the flat-bottomed, wooden ship for centuries until it was discovered in 2012 during efforts…

Chinese medieval ship found off Malindi coast

chinese junk medieval ship

Archeologists from China and Kenya say they have discovered a sunken Chinese ship dating to the middle ages, off the Kenyan coast in Malindi. The experts announced in Malindi on December 26 that following three years of underwater research, they come across the vessel 14 nautical miles off Ngomeni village in Magarini district, Kilifi County….

Medieval Shipwreck found in Danube River

medieval shipwreck in danube river | Medieval Archives

Hungarian archaeologists have found what they believe may be an intact medieval shipwreck in the Danube river. Partially buried in mud and gravel near the riverbank at Tahitótfalu, some 18 miles north of Budapest, the flat bottom river wreck has yet to be excavated. A preliminary survey from the Argonauts Research Group in cooperation with…

Mediterranean Shipwrecks Reveal Shift to Modern Shipbuilding

Three recently discovered shipwrecks in the Mediterranean Sea could give archaeologists new insights into the transition between medieval and modern shipbuilding. The remains of the three craft – all dating from between 1450 and 1600 – were found in the straits between Turkey and the Greek island of Rhodes. One ship appears to be a…