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2014 Medieval Year in Review: Games & Apps

Medieval Lego Knight

The App store continues to dominate the smartphone market, but Google Play and Windows are making a nice dent. However with 3 different options there still isn’t a great offering for medieval apps. 2014 saw a few games released for smartphones and unfortunately no outstanding educational or reference medieval apps. Below is a break down…

HISTORY™ Great Battles Medieval is Now Available!

Actually the game has been available in the UK since last fall. But it is now available in the US market. I did a review of the game that you can view here -> Great Battles Medieval Review The review includes numerous screenshots and some videos. I would recommend this game to anyone. It is…


Review: HISTORY™ Great Battles Medieval

HISTORY™ Great Battles Medieval is a Real Time Strategy game set during the Hundred Years’ War. It features different conflicts between England and France and allows you to play as either the English or the French. The English campaign is designed for beginners and you have the opportunity to fight as the Black Prince or…

Great Battles Medieval – interview with Iain McNeil