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Viking-Era Stone Carved with Runes Found in Norway


A stone carved with symbols known as runes and dating to the Middle Ages has been discovered during an excavation ahead of a railway-construction project in Oslo, Norway. The runes, which were found engraved on a whetstone (a stone used for sharpening knives), date to sometime around 1,000 years ago when the Vikings (also called…

Incredible Viking weapons and treasure at Nottingham exhibition

Incredible Viking weapons

Some of the world’s most important artefacts charting the history of the Vikings and their presence in Britain are on display in a new Nottingham exhibition. Viking: Rediscover the Legend has transformed the Djanogly Gallery at Lakeside Arts into a collection of ancient treasure, weaponry and intricate everyday items from across Britain. The Anglo-Saxon and…

Remains of Viking camp unearthed by Bristol archaeologists to feature in BBC Four series


Workshops from a Viking camp dating to the winter of 873-4, have been unearthed by a team of archaeologists from the University of Bristol. The campsite, located in the small Derbyshire village of Repton, has been known since the 1970s, but these new discoveries have found evidence over a much larger area, for workshops and…

Viking King’s Bones Recreated With 3-D Printer

Gorm the Old bones

Bones from the famous Danish Viking king, Gorm the Old, have been reconstructed and printed in 3D. Gorm the Old was the first to call himself king of Denmark. He was also the first to use the name ‘Denmark’ for the country he reigned over for decades until his death in 958. Scientists used a…


Vikings Ragnar Lothbrock played by Travis Fimmel

We featured a video from Man at Arms: Reforged when the forged a replica of Ulfberht the legendary Viking sword. This year they are creating a replica of Ragnar’s Axe from Vikings just in time for Season 5! Watch the video to see how they forge the axe and how they test it at the…

Major Viking Age manor discovered at Birka, Sweden


During spring of 2016 a number of large presumed house terraces were identified by the authors at Korshamn. As a consequence high resolution geophysical surveys using ground-penetrating radar were carried out in September 2016. Korshamn is one of the main harbour bays of the island of Björkö, situated outside the town boundaries of the Viking…

Coins discovery ‘will re-write’ Anglo-Saxon history

Anglo-Saxon Hoard

The Anglo-Saxon coins are said to point to some sort of an alliance in the 870s between Alfred the Great and a rival. Historians say an entire chapter of the Anglo-Saxon period will have to be re-written after a metal detectorist found a huge hoard of coins in a field. James Mather made the discovery…

Ulfberht Viking Sword – MAN AT ARMS:REFORGED

Viking Sword

Man at Arms: Reforged is a web series following thew bladesmiths of Baltimore Knife and Sword. A lot of their creations are for movies, but recently they tackled the king of Viking swords…the Ulfberht. Watch how they forge the blade in the video below and decide if they get it right.

Skeleton provides evidence that confirms historical events mentioned in the Norwegian Viking Sagas


Archaeologists working in Trondheim in Norway have unearthed a human skeleton in the bottom of an abandoned castle well. The skeleton provides evidence that confirms dramatic historical events mentioned in the Viking Sagas. The location and contents of the well are mentioned in Sverre’s Saga, a chronicle of one of the kings of Norway, and…

Hiker finds 1,200-yr-old Viking sword in Norway

Viking Sword

The sword, found at Haukeli in central southern Norway will be sent for conservation at the The University Museum of Bergen. Jostein Aksdal, an archeologist with Hordaland County said the sword was in such good condition that if it was given a new grip and a polish, it could be used today. He said that…

Axe throwing, sword forging – but no sacrificing – at Norway’s Viking school

Viking School

We’ve had the TV shows, we’re getting the theme park and now the Viking invasion is extending to higher education in Norway. Students at Seljord Folkehøgskule, a college 90 miles west of Oslo, are embarking on a new programme to learn traditional Viking skills such as sword forging, jewellery making and roof thatching, as well…

Kickstarter: The Illuminated Edda


The Poetic Edda and the Prose Edda are the two sources for Norse Mythology. Everything we know about the Norse gods comes from these two sources. Now in an excellent kickstarter project you can own an illuminated copy of them! Creator Andrew Valkauskas has studied Viking history for over 20 years and uses his knowledge…

Battle of Stamford Bridge

Battle of Stamford Bridge

Today marks the 947th anniversary of the Battle of Stamford Bridge. The battle pitted the forces of English King Harold Godwinson against the invading force of Norwegian King Harold Hardrada and the King’s own brother Tostig Godwinson. The battle was a decisive victory for England. But King Godwinson’s victory would be short lived. In three…

For Sale: Viking hoard of swords from Bonhams Arms & Armour

A stunning array of death-dealing swords from the Medieval period and earlier, including Viking weapons, form the main thrust of Bonhams sale of Antique Arms and Armour on November 28th in Knightsbridge. David Williams, Director of Arms and Armour at Bonhams, comments: “Many of these rare and remarkable weapons would have been used in battle….

‘Viking’ shipwreck discovered off Swedish coast

Viking, Ship

An 800-year-old shipwreck was discovered by divers off the south coast of Sweden virtually buried under the sea floor. The vessel, which some Swedish reports have claimed is a Viking ship, was found in the Baltic Sea at Sturko, The Local reported. Lars Einarsson, underwater archaeologist at Kalmar Lans museum, told the news website, “This…