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Hildegard of Bingen, Heroines of the Medieval World by Sharon Bennett Connolly


A few weeks ago we had an interview with author Sharon Bennett Connolly. This week she has launched a blog tour for her book Heroines of the Medieval World. Medieval Archives is honored to take part in the tour and help support great medieval books! Sharon was kind enough to provide an excerpt from her…

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Heroines of the Medieval World by Sharon Bennett Connolly

Medieval women have been getting overlooked for a long time, but not anymore! Books and documentaries are increasingly focusing on women in the Middle Ages. Sharon Bennett Connolly wrote a book dedicated to the strong women of the Middle Ages. Some of the women are familiar like Elenor of Aquitaine, while others are less known…


2014 Medieval Year in Review: Books

Dan Jones Wars of the Roses

2014 was another great year for Medieval books, both non-fiction and historical fiction. Kngihts, Kings, Vikings and of course the Plantagenets! We were honored to talk to several best selling authors this year. One of my all time favorite hisotrical fiction authors and an relative newcomer to the non-fiction world. In September best selling author…