Camelot: A Starz Original – new images

Camelot Logo
Starz is finally releasing media related to its new original series Camelot. I talked to one of their PR people and Starz only has American rights to the show. So unlike The Pillars of the Earth which aired in the USA, Canada and the UK, it appears that Camelot is only going to air in the USA right now. Unfortunately there is no information if it will be released in the UK.


Joseph Fiennes as Merlin

Jamie Campbell Bower Arthur

Jamie Campbell Bower as Arthur

Arthur and Guinevere

Arthur and Lady Guinevere (Tamsin Egerton)

Eva Green Morgan

Eva Green as Morgan

Arthur and Merlin

Merlin and Arthur



One Response to Camelot: A Starz Original – new images
  1. inger Perkins
    January 12, 2011 | 02:23

    I do hope that Camelot will be shown in UK. Just finished watching pillars of the Earth, fabulous. I did read the book first though and agree that the book was best. But I thought they did well to get so much detail into the series. I would imagine Camelot will be of a similar standard?