Medieval Tuscany village on sale for £30m complete with fruit farm and a church

Medieval-tuscan-villageWhy buy one holiday home when you can buy 70 – and a church and organic fruit farm?

Villages in Europe that were abandoned during the recession as their owners fled the country to find jobs in the city have been put up for sale – but you’ll need deep pockets for the biggest and best.

The 800-year-old Poggio Santa Cecila Estate in Tuscany, for instance – a walled medieval hilltop village with 1,729 acres of land and numerous farmhouses, workshops and cottages – has gone on the market for £30million.

Located 20 minutes from Siena and an hour from Florence, the estate also has a church called The Church of Madonna Ferrata.

Inside the estate are buildings that once housed more than 200 farmworkers and artisans who worked there.

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