Medieval ‘witch’ skeleton found under stones designed to ‘stop her spirit rising’

medieval witchThe grave of a medieval ‘witch’ who appears to have been burnt alive before being hurriedly tossed into a pit has been unearthed in Italy.

The teenager’s remains were covered with heavy stone slabs, which archaeologists believe were put in place to prevent her spirit rising.

Experts claim the girl, who is said to have been between 15 and 17 years old when she died, may have been branded a witch due to her pallid complexion caused by anaemia.

She was buried face down to prevent her spirit from rising from the grave at just 13 years of age

The skeleton was unearthed at San Calocero in Albenga, Italy.

Archaeologists from the Pontifical Institute of Archaeology at the Vatican made the discovery in the same graveyard where another ‘witch girl’ was found last year.

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