Restoration of St Buryan medieval cross uncovers 11th century tomb stone cover

St Buryan medieval crossA project to restore a medieval cross in St Buryan has uncovered a “rare find” in the form of what is possibly an 11th century tomb stone cover.

St Buryan Church PCC, Cornwall Archaeological Unit, Scott & Co. Chartered Surveyors and local builders Bolithos are undertaking works to restore the imposing stepped medieval cross in St Buryan’s churchyard.

During the restoration, which is ongoing, workers have the opportunity of some archaeological exploration to discover how and when this monument was formed, and to see whether the granite slabs set as the steps include any pieces of early sculpture in addition to the cross-head.

Professor Michelle Brown, representing St Buryan PCC on the project, said: “This is an exciting opportunity to find out more, and to engage the public, of all ages, in exploring the heritage at the heart of living communities.

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