Star Wars Goes Medieval

Any fan of Star Wars knows it is steeped in medieval tradition. Artist André Araújo (know for Marvel’s Spidey and Inhumans) released a print titled ‘Star Wars Medieval.’ Which is just as it sounds, a medieval take on the most famous Star Wars characters.

Star Wars itself is a very classic type of story— about family, love, war, good vs. evil— so it basically fits in any period. But in specific the large armies, the existence of swords, knights and princesses, for example, are direct links to medieval folklore ~André Araújo

Darth Vader as the Black Knight and Chewbacca as a Germanic tribesman are fantastic! The only ones that are missing are the droids, R2-D2 and C-3PO…

You can buy the print from André’s website ( Check out all his work on his tumblr page

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