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15 castles in Kent you can visit for a great family day out


Canterbury Castle © Tim Stubbings The ruined Norman castle, which was begun by William the Conqueror in 1070, is one of the most ancient in Britain. The castle became a ruin in the 17th century after it was constructed as one of the three royal castles in Kent in the reign of Henry I (1100-1135)….

Archaeologists hoping to uncover more remains of medieval priory in Northumberland


The Holystone History & Archaeology Group has been awarded grants from the Heritage Lottery Fund, Northumberland National Park and the Coquetdale Community Archaeology Group to fund their efforts at further discovery. The group has spent years trying to pinpoint the exact whereabouts of the priory which existed from the 12th century until it was dissolved…

CSI Medieval: researchers to uncover forensic secrets of Britain’s historic wax seals

Medieval Wax Seal

Historical research using forensic fingerprinting techniques on the wax seals of thousands of medieval documents will reveal new insights into 12th to 14th century British society, help determine how unique fingerprints truly are, and uncover medieval crime. Modern forensic analysis will be paired with detailed historical research to reveal new insights into medieval British society…

Backyard Bonanza: Medieval Outhouses and Roman Roads Unearthed


Backyards haven’t changed much over the past 1,000 years or so, new archaeological findings suggest. Rubbish pits, storage areas, outhouses, wells and short walls to keep the neighbors at bay are a few of the things that archaeologists in England recently unearthed while digging beneath an old bus depot in the city of Leicester. Dating…

Medieval bones discovery at Nefyn maritime museum


The team at CR Archaeology discovered the bones in a stone cist grave beneath a wall at Old St Mary’s Church, Nefyn – now a maritime museum – 18 months ago. Tests confirmed she was aged 60 when she died and was buried around 1180. The team are now working to find out more about…

Battered Remains of Medieval Knight Discovered in Hereford Cathedral

The battered remains of a medieval man uncovered at a famous cathedral hint that he may have been a Norman knight with a proclivity for jousting. The man may have participated in a form of jousting called tourney, in which men rode atop their horses and attacked one another, in large groups, with blunted weapons….

Timeline Battle Castles: iPad app review

Timeline Battle Castle

2012 was a good year for medieval media and castles in general. The year started off with the fantastic documentary series Battle Castles hosted by Dan Snow, followed by a book of the same name written by Dan Snow. If that wasn’t enough there is now a Battle Castle app. While the documentary and book…

Medieval Olympics at Dover Castle

Dover Castle

On your marks, get set and go to Dover Castle for Medieval Olympics on special dates throughout July, when King Henry II and the bravest champions assemble to put on 12th century style games. Families are welcome to come and try their hands at skills which made a fighting man – or woman – of…

MAP#27 – Battle Castle Interview: Sean F. White

Battle Castle, the outstanding castle documentary series, explores the medieval history of six castles. Today we have an interview with Sean F. White, the Director of Photography for Battle Castle. I talk with Sean about filming the castles and the siege engines in action. We also cover how the re-enactments were filmed. In this episode…

Battle Castle: The White Cliffs of Dover

Battle Castle Logo

This week we travel with host Dan Snow to visit the impressive Dover Castle. Perched high atop the white chalky cliffs, Dover Castle has been a military installation for over 800 years. Dover’s last major military role was during WWII. In this episode of Battle Castle we see the construction set forth by Henry II…

MAP#26 – Battle Castle Interview: Nicole Tomlinson

Battle Castle, the outstanding castle documentary series, explores the medieval history of six castles. Today we have an interview with Nicole Tomlinson, writer for Battle Castle. I talk to Nicole about writing for the series and how she approached the research process. We also cover how the castles were picked, castles that were left out,…

Battle Castle: Chateau Gaillard, the Stronghold of Richard the Lionheart

Battle Castle Logo

Last week we reviewed Crac des Chevaliers, the premiere episode of Battle Castle. Although the series isn’t airing in the U.S. yet the kind folks at Battle Castle sent over an advanced copy of episode 2: Chateau Gaillard. Does it hold up to the quality of the Crac des Chevaliers episode? Let’s find out… The…

Battle Castle: Chateau Gaillard Trailer and Web Comic

Battle Castle Logo

This Thursday Battle Castle Episode 2: Chateau Gaillard premieres. Take a look at the trailer and the incredible web comic they released. Then tune into the History Channel Canada at 2100 ET to watch the episode.

Battle Castle Review: Medieval Castles brought to life

Battle Castle Logo

Battle Castle a new series by Parallax Film Productions (Blowdown, Ancient Megastructures) is set to debut tomorrow night on History Television (Canada). There are numerous posts on this site highlighting the media released leading up to the premiere. Like the medieval recipes they released (I recommend the Cherry Soup!) and the 3D pictures of the…

Northampton’s medieval castle remains to be brought to the surface

Northampton Castle

The underground remains of Northampton Castle could be brought to the surface under new proposals to regenerate a historic area of the town. Dr Marie Dickie, a member of the Friends of Northampton Castle (FONC), believes exposing some of the remains of the medieval site would bring both social and economic benefits to the town….