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Bold Machines Designs and Releases an Amazing 3D Printed Castle Model

Castle-Detail 3D

I remember a few years ago when sites like Thingiverse first started to catch on. If you owned a 3D printer, this was a reason to begin using it a whole lot more. If you didn’t own one, it was a reason to go out and buy your first. No one could have imagined that…

Barbie Romanus: A New 3D Printing Kickstarter


Last summer we featured a Kickstarter campaign creating medieval armor for Barbie. Creator Zheng3(Jim Rodda) is taking Barbie back in time again! His new Kickstarter campaign, Faire Play 2: When in Rome sends Barbie back to Ancient Rome with her own chariot. Everybody always makes a big deal about Barbie’s corvette, but who needs a…

Medieval Barbie…finally!


Barbie is an icon of American toys spanning the last 55 years. She has weathered the years well and even acquired a Dream House, Corvette, Jeep and various other material luxuries. But there always seemed to be something missing from Barbie’s vast collection…swords! Now thanks to Jim Rodda, Barbie has a sword and a full…