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MAP#40: The Fairytale Keeper, Andrea Cefalo Interview

The Fairytale Keeper

What if all the fairy tales we know and love came from one 15-year-old medieval girl? That is the premise of Andrea Cefalo’s novel, The Fairytale Keeper. Today on the Medieval Archives Podcast we talk to Andrea about her books, how she came up with the idea and her love of the middle ages. We…

Medieval Love is in the Air

Courtly Love

Following up on the Maddest Medieval Monarch series Andrea Cefalo is posting about Medieval love for the month of February. Last week she wrote about Abelard and Heloise dubbed ‘The Twelfth Century’s Romeo and Juliet’ Check out the Star Crossed Lovers series throughout the month to learn more about courtly love. You can also connect…

More Mad Medieval Monarchs

Charles the Mad | Medieval Archives Podcast

A few podcast episodes ago we featured the crazy Kings and Queens of the medieval era. Kings made of glass, singing and laughing while battles raged in the kingdom. A Queen who embraced her dead husband nightly and was so jealous she forbid other women from being around his corpse! Last week author Andrea Cefalo…