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Australia is Going Medieval


The Guardian Australia is running a video series highlighting different subcultures and communities bringing people together across the country. Going Medieval enters the chivalrous world of medieval reenactment in the Sydney suburb of St Ives, where passionate men and women dress up to fight, craft, eat, drink and make merry as characters from European history.

Leumeah ‘medieval’ castle listed for auction

leumeah castle | Medieval Archives

The article earlier this week about the Leumeah castle stated that Ron Farmer is selling his medieval castle in New South Wales, Australia. Now we have a location and asking price. (Prices below are listed in Australian Dollars) If you are looking to relocate to Australia you might think about buying the Leumeah castle. ~The…

White Hart Forge finds history lovers who love artisan work

Hammering iron on anvils and scorching steel in a hand-built propane forge, Dan Klug and Heidi Shewchuk turn metal into art. “I’m working in a craft that has been going on for a thousand years,” said Klug, 49, as he twisted molten hot metal with tongs. “I’m not kidding when I tell my students, ‘Strike…