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Medieval underwear points to racy history

Underwear dating from medieval times that was found under flooring of an Austrian castle is hardly racy by the standards of today. But the discovery does suggest that women in 15th-century Europe took pride in their appearance, and perhaps not just the privileged classes. The University of Innsbruck announced this summer that “the world’s oldest…

Austria’s crown jewels offer a unique insight into medieval Europe

Austria Imperial crown jewels medieval

The octagonal crown fashioned from pure gold is studded with 144 precious stones and just as many pearls yet it is a priceless artifact for other reasons. The crown almost certainly once graced the head of the first German emperor Otto I more than 1,000 years ago. For hundreds of years it has been one…

Medieval Graves Were Disturbed for Surprising Reasons

Once laid to rest, the remains of many who died in medieval Europe were not left in peace. As much as 40 percent of graves from the mid-fifth to mid-eighth centuries appear to have been disturbed after burial. Grave robbers, searching for wealth buried along with the dead, have frequently born the blame from archaeologists….

Medieval skeleton found in Graz

Ancient bones have been discovered during construction work near Graz Castle. Manfred Lehner of the Archaeological Institute at city’s university said today (Weds) the human remains were found by workers at a building site outside the castle walls yesterday. The scientist explained: “The human skeleton could derive from medieval times – maybe from the 13th…