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Norfolk discovery of 1,100-year-old brooch ‘will remain a mystery’

The origins of a 1,100-year-old brooch found in a lorry-load of soil may be “a mystery” that is never solved, say archaeologists. The late 9th Century silver disc was discovered in a field in Great Dunham, Norfolk, which had recently been landscaped. It is not known where the soil came from, but experts say the…

Anglo-Saxon treasures found on Bicester building site scrap heap

The ‘unusual’ discovery of a brooch over 1,300 years old and found on a building site in Bicester has been declared as treasure. The Anglo-Saxon brooch, and five other historic finds thought to be from a female grave from the 7th century, was uncovered at the undisclosed site on top of a pile of soil….

A ‘nationally important’ medieval graveyard has been discovered beneath the site of a new road


Contractors building the road on Anglesey have found an ancient cemetery. Archaeologists digging on the site of an ancient cemetery say they have unearthed a 1,500-year-old “time capsule” of national importance. Since an initial find last month at least 48 graves have been discovered on the site of the new Llangefni link road, on Anglesey…

Medieval gold brooch dug up in Oxfordshire is declared treasure


A Medieval gold brooch dug up in a farmer’s field but “good enough to wear today” was one of a host of precious finds from Oxfordshire declared treasure today. The rectangular brooch, dating from AD 1230 to 1350, will now be valued by a panel at the British Museum along with other treasures from around…

Nantwich Museum has acquired medieval brooch after treasure hunt find

A medieval brooch discovered last year during a metal detecting rally in Hurleston is coming home. Known as the Hurleston Brooch, the solid gold brooch – which is about 30mm across – is highly decorative and a fine example of its type. It would have belonged to a wealthy person, symbolising their wealth and status….