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1,400-year-old Pictish cemetery uncovered in Scotland


Archaeologists have uncovered what is believed to be a 1,400-year-old Pictish cemetery in the Highlands. Excavation at the sight has confirm a number of barrows, or burial mounds and enclosures at the site near Muir of Ord in the Black Isle. If confirmed to date from the Pictish era, the barrows may be in the…

Healthy ‘Vampires’ Emerge From Graves In Medieval Polish Cemetery


Archaeologists excavating a Medieval cemetery site in Kałdus, Poland, recently discovered hundreds of graves — among them, they found 14 anti-vampire burials. Some of these people were decapitated, others buried face-down, and still more were weighted down with stones. One of the major theories about ancient “vampire” graves is that people buried in this way…

A ‘nationally important’ medieval graveyard has been discovered beneath the site of a new road


Contractors building the road on Anglesey have found an ancient cemetery. Archaeologists digging on the site of an ancient cemetery say they have unearthed a 1,500-year-old “time capsule” of national importance. Since an initial find last month at least 48 graves have been discovered on the site of the new Llangefni link road, on Anglesey…

Medieval Graves Were Disturbed for Surprising Reasons

Once laid to rest, the remains of many who died in medieval Europe were not left in peace. As much as 40 percent of graves from the mid-fifth to mid-eighth centuries appear to have been disturbed after burial. Grave robbers, searching for wealth buried along with the dead, have frequently born the blame from archaeologists….

Columbus Didn’t Sail Syphilis Back to Europe

Dozens of skeletons unearthed in London may provide the first solid evidence that syphilis did not sail into Europe with Christopher Columbus and his crew, announced researchers working on one of the largest excavations of skeletons ever undertaken in Britain. Dug out at the medieval cemetery of St. Mary Spital in East London, the skeletal…