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Students participate in medieval fight club

Ball State students begin battle on the University Green. Members of the Dagorhir-Dag group Stormhaven practice medieval fighting with fake swords on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons. Faruq ‘Ayyub Abdurrasheed-Wagner fights an opponent during a Dagorhir game on the University Green. “Three, two, one, play on!” is the phrase that can be heard when walking past…

Medieval Sport Fighters Meet For ‘Battle’

A piece of history comes to Wichita in the form of medieval sport fighting. Dozens of people met for battle in Riverside Park Sunday. The Wichita Chapter of Dagorhir (pronounced dagger-here) organized the “Invasion.” Participants dressed up in combat gear complete with foam weapons for the clash.

Welcome to the medieval battle re-enactment sport known as Dagorhir

Jessica Becker shoots foam-padded arrows pretty accurately. Moments after a hot August practice session of the medieval battle re-enactment sport known as Dagorhir, Becker demonstrated her skill by drawing her bow and playfully bouncing an arrow off her husband, Brendan Becker. He grinned. She smiled. “Somebody taught me how to shoot a bow,” Jessica said,…