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DNA from skeleton puts enteric fever in medieval Europe


Researchers have detected Salmonella Paratyphi C, which causes enteric fever, in a 800-year-old human skeleton from Trondheim, Norway. This suggests the potentially lethal disease, more common in hot countries, was present in medieval Europe. Now scientists are speculating that the evolution of enteric fever could be linked to the domestication of pigs across northern Europe….

Medieval garlic and bile potion kills MRSA superbug

Witches'Familiars Medieval Archives

Could a 1,000-year-old concoction be the answer to stopping superbugs? Christina Lee, an Anglo-Saxon expert at the University of Nottingham, found the recipe for a remedy for eye infections in a 10th Century medical volume called Bald’s Leechbook, one of the earliest known medical textbooks. The instructions were clear — clear enough to follow today…

MAP#42: Medieval Diseases and “Cures”

Medieval Diseases Black Death

Listen to the episode now People in the Middle Ages had their share of diseases. But unlike today they didn’t have vaccinations or antibiotics to help them out. Today we are going to look at medieval diseases and the cures that did or in most cases did not work. We’ll see if getting sick in…

Medieval Warfare, Wounds, and Disease, for the General Audience

A conference that looks like great fun: Dancing with Death: Warfare, Wounds and Disease in the Middle Ages. It is being held October 20th to 22nd at the California University of Pennsylvania, located 35 miles south northeast of Pittsburgh, is free, and is not only open to the public but aimed at a general audience,…