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Medieval royal witches: from Elizabeth Woodville to Queen Joan of Navarre

royal medieval witch

On 23 January 1484, the English parliament issued Titulus Regius, explaining why the newly crowned Richard III was the legitimate heir to the throne instead of the children of his brother, King Edward IV, and Elizabeth Woodville. Among the reasons listed was the fact that Edward and Elizabeth’s marriage only came about “by Sorcerie and…

The White Princess premieres on STARZ


In 2013 STARZ channel produced the miniseries The White Queen, which was an adaptation of Philippa Gregory’s novels The White Queen, The Red Queen and The Kingmaker’s Daughter. Starting tonight, 16 April 2017, on STARZ (USA) and BBC One (UK) is the sequel miniseries titled The White Princess, also adapted from Gregory’s novel of the…

On The Trail of The Yorks by Kristie Dean

Last year we talked to Kristie Dean about the re-internment of King Ricahrd II and her book on Richard’s life and travels. Kristie returns this year with a new book on the Yorks titled On The Trail of The Yorks. The book explores the other members of the York family including Edward IV, Elizabeth Woodville…

The White Queen comes to the USA

The White Queen

Over in the UK The White Queen is wrapping up. But here in the States we are on the verge of war!! The White Queen begins Saturday(tomorrow) night, 10 August on the Starz channel. I for one will be watching! Who’s with me?? Here’s a little primer to get you set for the premiere.

“The White Queen” hits the airwaves in the UK

The White Queen | Medieval Archives

After the Hundred Years’ War the House of Plantagenet divided and battled for the throne of England. The House of York, symbolized by a white rose and the House of Lancaster, symbolized by a red rose waged a war lasting 30 years. Known throughout history as the Wars of the Roses, it pitted brother against…

The women behind Richard III’s DNA

Blood Sisters UK paperback

A few months ago Sarah Gristwood came on the podcast for an interview and we talked about her book Blood Sisters: The Women Behind the Wars of the Roses. At the time the remains of King Richard III were being tested to confirm it was actually the King. During the interview Sarah explained how the…

MAP#33 – Blood Sisters: Author Sarah Gristwood interview

Sarah Gristwood, the acclaimed author, joins us for an interview about her new book Blood Sisters: The Hidden Lives of the Women Behind the Wars of the Roses. Most of the history of the Wars of the Roses is written through the eyes of the kings and men who fought the battles. In Blood Sisters,…