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MAP#41: King Louis VIII ‘The Lion’

Louis VIII The Lion

French King Louis VIII who as a young Prince invaded England with the support of the English barons with the hope of taking the throne from King John. He would rise to King in France and take part in the Albigensian Crusade to gain back his lands in Southern France. In this episode we’ll look…

Symphony No.1 Eustace the Monk

The latest podcast episode features an interview with Dr. Samuel Stokes and his symphony inspired by Eustace the monk. Dr. Stokes also provided some video of the performance. Here is the LSU Orchestra performing Symphony No.1 Eustace the Monk. Enjoy.

MAP#37 – Dr. Samuel Stokes and Eustace the Monk

Dr. Samuel Stokes and Eustace the Monk

Dr. Samuel Stokes joins the Podcast for an interview about his music and medieval influences. For his doctorate dissertation in Music Theory, he composed a symphony inspired by Eustace the Monk, the 13th century pirate. In episode 3 of the Medieval Archives Podcast I covered Eustace the Monk. In this episode Dr. Stokes and I…

Medieval Archives Podcast: Episode 03 – Eustace the Monk

In this episode of the Medieval Archives we discuss Eustace the Monk, the most feared pirate of the 13th Century. Eustace the Monk left the monastery and became an outlaw, a magician and a pirate. We discuss his early life, why he left the monastery and how he turned to piracy. We also look at…