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The Pit and the Pendulum

The_Pit_and_the_Pendulum Medieval Archives

Edgar Allan Poe is the master of suspenseful horror. And a lot of his stories are set in the Middle Ages. The Pit and the Pendulum is no exception. Set during the Spanish Inquisition it focuses on the Grand Inquisitor Torquemada. This is the 1991 version directed by Stuart Gordon and starring Lance Henriksen. The…

Monty Python and the Holy Grail: The Horror Movie

It seems like every year someone is re-cutting a comedy movie trailer into a horror movie. The one below is almost 10 years old, but still holds up. Take a look at the Curse of the Holy Grail. A horror movei re-cut of Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Skeleton Lake: Hundreds of people have died over past 1,000 years

A decades-old mystery over an eerie Himalayan lake littered with human remains deepens – as scientists say hundreds of people died there spread over 1,000 years. It was previously thought that the “Skeleton Lake” site was the result of a sudden and strange ancient catastrophe in the 9th century. But new research suggests that skeletons…

Skeletons of a working-class woman and 7-year-old girl are discovered in the Tower of London

skeleton woman

Two mysterious skeletons believed to be a mother and child have been discovered in the Tower of London – but unlike most they do not appear to have been prisoners there.     Although the 950-year-old tower has seen many die at the headman’s axe and hundreds locked within its dungeons, it has not always had such…

The Masque of the Red Death


Last Halloween we listened to the audio version of The Masque of the Red Death. This year you can dim the lights, grab some popcorn and watch the movie! The Masque of the Red Death is a short story written by Edgar Allen Poe. The story focuses on medieval Prince Prospero as he attempts to…

Castle Ghosts of England

Castle Ghosts of England

Are castles really haunted? If you’ve ever walked through them on a dark, cold night you may have heard strange sounds or eerie whispers. Is it your imagination or something supernatural? In Castle Ghosts of England Sir Robert Hardy investigates the stories of castles around England. He visits Muncaster Castle, Sudeley Castle, The Tower of…

Season of the Witch

The nights are longer and there is a chill in the air. The Season of the Witch is upon us. Beware of the things that go bump in the night! ‘And out of the darkness the zombie did callTrue pain and suffering he brought to them allAway ran the children to hide in their bedsFor…

MAP#77 – The Masque of the Red Death


HAPPY HALLOWEEN! The Great Plague or Black Death ravaged Europe in the 14th century, killing around 200 million people. No one was immune to the Plague! But as we’ll find out in today’s episode one man thought his wealth could keep him safe. Today on the Halloween inspired episode we are going to listen to…

Ghosts of Edinburgh

Take a quick tour through Edinburgh for more ghost stories.

Ghostly Tales by Simon Entwistle

The Ghouls and Goblins are out once again and it’s time for some Medieval Ghost stories! Join Simon Entwistle as he shares Ghostly Tales from the Pendle Witches, to the Castle Ghosts of Clitheroe.

Ireland’s 9 Most Haunted Sites


Lady Isobel and the Phantom Children Looking at Ballygally Castle, a cute Scottish baronial pile on the Antrim coast, you’d never think it was one of the most haunted places in Ireland. It all started when a previous owner locked his wife, Lady Isobel, in a tower because she couldn’t produce a male heir. Rather…

MAP#69: The Pit and the Pendulum

The_Pit_and_the_Pendulum Medieval Archives

Happy Halloween! The Spanish Inquisition, started in 1478 by Ferdinand and Isabella, was used to rid Spain and the Spanish Territories of heretics. The Spanish Inquisition targeted Catholics who strayed from the Catholic teaches and expanded to Jews, Muslims and non-Catholic Christians. Being convicted by an Inquisition tribunal didn’t also led to death, but it…

The Undead Knights Templar


On Friday the 13th, 1307 thousands of Knights Templar were arrested on charges of heresy, devil worship and renouncing the cross. After years of imprisonment and torture, King Philip IV of France and Pope Clement began executing the Knights. By 1314 King Philip dissolved the order and the remaining members of the Knights Templar began…

MAP#58: Gilles de Rais – Gallant Knight, Occultist and Serial Killer

Gilles de Rais, an esteemed knight and the Marshall of France, who fought alongside Joan of Arc. Then he turned to the occult and tried to deal with the devil. Gilles isn’t remembered as a hero of France, instead he is remembered as a gruesome child murderer. On today’s episode we are going to look…

‘Vampire Skeleton’ Found At Medieval Grave Site In Bulgaria


A “vampire grave” containing a skeleton with a stake driven through its chest has been unearthed by a man known as “Bulgaria’s Indiana Jones”. Professor Nikolai Ovcharov – a crusading archaeologist who has dedicated his life to unearthing mysteries of ancient civilisations – said that he had made the discovery while excavating the ruins of…