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The Medieval Anarchy – eBook review

The Medieval Anarchy

Ah, The Anarchy, a period in England’s history when war raged and chaos reigned. A time so turbulent medieval chroniclers claimed that ‘Christ and his saints slept.’ You’ve had a chance to explore the Anarchy on this site through various podcasts and posts, but today we are going to look at an eBook on The…

Medieval Archives Podcast: Episode 06 – Malahide Castle

Fortress Friday During the month of October Fortress Friday will be exploring the paranormal. Throughout Europe there are stories of ghost sightings and strange occurrences. In a 6-part series we will look at some of the most haunted Castles in Europe. The second castle in our series is Malahide Castle, located North of Dublin, Ireland….

Medieval Archives Podcast: Episode 04 – The Anarchy

In this episode of the Medieval Archives Podcast we discuss “The Anarchy” a nineteen year period of civil war and chaos. The death of King Henry I set off a chain reaction of events that set England on a path of destruction. The Scots in the North, the Welsh in the West and the English…

Footlight Players show that family drama transcends history

Ah, the holidays. When family drama stemming from jealousy, favoritism, greed, and disputes over inheritance escalate into threats of civil war and patricide. Set in medieval Britain, The Lion in Winter, written by James Goldman and directed by Evan Parry, follows England’s King Henry II as he struggles to select his predecessor from his three…