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Interior Design in the Middle Ages

Middle Ages - Fine Art

When I think of the Middle Ages I think of castles and battles and kings. Rarely do I think of interior design elements. But I imagine it was as important back then as it is today. Imagine the brave knight coming home from the Crusades and his wife asking if he likes the new curtains….

Moors, Saints, Knights and Kings: The African Presence in Medieval Europe

Sir Morien Black Knight of the Round Table

The study of the African presence in history, whether in the African Diaspora or Africa itself, is a richly rewarding endeavor. In this study we realize that slavery alone is not African history and that African history is everybody’s history. The history of African people — Black people — is rich and comprehensive, inspiring and,…

LEGO® announces Kingdoms Joust

LEGO® announced a new addition to their Kingdoms line. The LEGO® Kingdoms Joust features 1,575 pieces, 9 minifigures, knights and 6 detailed rooms. LEGO® suggests you buy two sets to make a spectacular jousting arena. The set will be available for sale directly through LEGO® beginning January 2012 via shop.LEGO.com, LEGO® Stores or via phone….