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HistoryHit.tv your online source for high quality medieval programs

Launched in 2018, HistoryHit.tv offers a wide variety of programs for any history lover. HistoryHit.tv was conceived by Dan Snow as a ‘new kind of history channel.’ HistoryHit.tv started as a crowdfunding project on Indiegogo and surpassed its initial goal by over £30,000! One of the original ideas of HistoryHit.tv was to ask it’s founding…

Nespresso gets medieval with your coffee

Natalie Dormer Nespresso

Exceptional coffee is always worth the quest. The noble knight George has saved the kingdom. “The Quest” features George Clooney in his knightly armour in search of the ultimate reward. Sharing the screen with actress Natalie Dormer, he defies space and time to get his hands on his favourite coffee. From a royal court of…

Super Bowl Ads get Medieval!

Bud Knight

Today is the big game Super Bowl LII. While all the fans are mainly lumped on the East Coast the game is always the biggest TV event of the year. And the Ads are on of the most talked about aspects of the game. This year Bud Light is going with a medieval theme. If…

Top Templar Sites in Western Europe


In preparation for the upcoming show Knightfall, HISTORY has released a map of some of the top Templar sites in medieval Europe. La Rochelle One of the key Templar ports on the Atlantic coast, La Rochelle was the site of a persistent Templar legend, in which nearly a dozen ships carrying Templar treasures—and knights—fled from…

Ireland: The Struggle for Power by Jeffrey James

Ireland Struggle for Power

Ireland has a rich history and Jeffrey James explores over 600 years of Irish history in his new book Ireland The Struggle for Power. We caught up with Jeffrey for an interview about his writing life and his new book. Grab your copy of Ireland: The Struggle for Power from the Amberley Publishing website: https://www.amberley-books.com/ireland-the-struggle-for-power.html…

Arundel Castle Celebrates 950th Anniversary

Arundel Castle in West Sussex will celebrate the 950th anniversary of its initial construction this year. To celebrate, the Castle has arranged a bumper calendar of events including a week-long jousting and medieval tournament. Reopening to visitors on 1 April, the Castle’s calendar boasts two brand new events as well as the return of several…

Transformers 5 gets medieval!


Micheal Bay the man behind numerous action movies is making another installment of the Transformers franchise. The title and official release date, 23 June 2017, was announced this week. By the title, Transformers: The Last Knight, it appears the franchise is heading to the Middle Ages. Look for the movie in theaters next summer and…

The Bastard Executioner Season 1 Trailer

The Bastard Executioner, a new series from Kurt Sutter the creator of The Shield and Sons of Anarchy, tells the tale of a 14th Century warrior turned executioner. Kurt Sutter and Emmy winner Brian Grazer (Apollo 13, Robin Hood, Cowboys and Aliens) will serve as Executive producers. Season 1 of The Bastard Executioner premieres on…

Interior Design in the Middle Ages

Middle Ages - Fine Art

When I think of the Middle Ages I think of castles and battles and kings. Rarely do I think of interior design elements. But I imagine it was as important back then as it is today. Imagine the brave knight coming home from the Crusades and his wife asking if he likes the new curtains….

New book sheds light on Hereford’s medieval past

Possible knight - a man of Norman origin whose injuries might be consistent with violence or combat_HA

A LEADING archaeologist, who uncovered the remains of what might be a wounded Knight, will reveal extraordinary details of medieval life in Hereford in a new book. Andy Boucher and Luke Craddock-Bennett are speaking at the Hay Festival to launch their book, ‘Death in the Close’, which digs down through 900 years of local history,…

Battered Remains of Medieval Knight Discovered in Hereford Cathedral

The battered remains of a medieval man uncovered at a famous cathedral hint that he may have been a Norman knight with a proclivity for jousting. The man may have participated in a form of jousting called tourney, in which men rode atop their horses and attacked one another, in large groups, with blunted weapons….

MAP#58: Gilles de Rais – Gallant Knight, Occultist and Serial Killer

Gilles de Rais, an esteemed knight and the Marshall of France, who fought alongside Joan of Arc. Then he turned to the occult and tried to deal with the devil. Gilles isn’t remembered as a hero of France, instead he is remembered as a gruesome child murderer. On today’s episode we are going to look…

Knight vs Samurai Video

Japan Armored Battle League

A few months ago I post an article on the Japan Armored Battle League Knight vs Samurai event. There is finally some video footage of the event. Place your bets on the winner and then watch the video to find out.

Rival Knights Medieval Combat game for iOS

Rival Knight sapp

***A CLASH OF STRENGTH AND STEEL*** Feel the adrenaline rush of medieval jousting! Crush your rivals and ride your way to glory in the most intuitive, action-packed and visually stunning knight combat game on touch screens! The app is free and offers in-app purchases. JOUST LIKE A KNIGHT! √ Experience the thrill of fast-paced and…

LEGO Minifigures Online Medieval World Trailer

Medieval Lego Knight

Massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG) have become massively popular over the last decade. If you’re not sure what a MMORPG is think World of Warcraft, Dungeon and Dragons Online or DC Universe Online. Hot on the heels of other popular LEGO games like LEGO Batman, LEGO Ninjago, LEGO Harry Potter and LEGO Indiana Jones…