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Medieval prayer wheel found inside rare Liesborn Gospel


The Liesborn Gospel, containing just the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, has a cover made of carved oak with copper clasps and is thought to have been ordered by an abbess – or female superior – called Berthildis for highborn ladies who entered her convent in Liesborn in Germany. The book is for…

Welsh author digs deep to find medieval origins of Thirty Days Hath verse

Hath Verse

It is one of the most popular and oft-repeated rhymes in the English language, serving to remind countless generations how many days there are in each month. Now a Welsh author claims he has unearthed the medieval origins of the verse Thirty Days Hath September. The rhyme has been passed down in oral tradition but…

Treasures of Heaven: Saints, Relics and Devotion in Medieval Europe

For those who consider museum-going a secular religion, here’s a meta-experience: “Treasures of Heaven: Saints, Relics and Devotion in Medieval Europe” opens Feb. 13 at the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore and features 133 objects linked to medieval Europe’s pilgrims – the ones who worshiped saints’ remains the way we worship the “Mona Lisa.” Co-organized…

Treasure trove of medieval manuscripts published

The Wollaton Medieval Manuscripts… Texts, Owners and Readers is the culmination of a major research project at The University of Nottingham into this nationally important regional collection. The largest surviving family-owned library of medieval manuscripts in Britain can now be enjoyed by everyone thanks to the publication of a new book telling its fascinating story….

Bangor Pontifical doodles show us the middle ages were juvenile, too

On the reams of choral chants in this Welsh medieval treasure I spotted a scribble of a man with a big nose. Satire hasn’t changed – and neither have we. It looks like something Jake and Dinos Chapman might do if they turned their hand to the creative defacement of illuminated manuscripts: the Viz-style gargoyle…

‘Treasures of Heaven’ exhibition at Cleveland Museum of Art

Art museums are victims of their own success, although it’s hard to feel sorry for them. To curry favor at the box office, they’ve convinced a generation of visitors that blockbuster exhibitions are defined by how many Egyptian mummies or paintings by Claude Monet or Pablo Picasso they can corral in one place. “Treasures of…

USC Adds Medieval Bible to Collection

The Ernest Hollings special collections library, has added something very special to the collection. The library has received a rare medieval Bible, dated back to 1240. It was written in Oxford, England, and is a smaller version so monks and friars could carry it around. It was purchased for $77,000 and is written in Latin….