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Remnants of 13th-Century Town Walls Unearthed in Wales

caernarfon walls

The Welsh town of Caernarfon played a crucial role in the fraught history between England and Wales; here, in the late 13th century, English king Edward I built an imposing castle to solidify his conquest of the region. Recently, during a survey ahead of construction, archaeologists stumbled upon several important relics from Caernarfon’s medieval past—including…

King of the historic castles

Harlech Castle, Wales

Considering its importance, I thought it would be bigger. Not that walls 3.5-metres thick and 12-metres high are insubstantial, but I’d expected a castle that had endured five sieges, taken nearly eight years to build and was the last royalist fortification to fall in the English Civil War to have more bulk. The site is…