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Malta’s medieval legacy explored

Medieval Malta

The 439 years before the arrival of the Knights of the Order of St John were a period of transition for the Maltese Islands. This time saw Malta go from a Muslim island, conquered in 870, gradually changing into a bulwark of Latin Christianity and, in the meantime, being ruled by several powers: the Normans,…

Morality and sexuality in Maltese society in the late Middle Ages

Malta | Medieval Archives

When one analyses today’s permissive society with regard to standards of morality, one might conclude that present-day Malta has plummeted to unprecedented decadence. Scholarly research on Maltese social history during the late Middle Ages has shed a new light on this time of darkness, often depicted as a time of Christian fundamentalism rigidly devoid of…

Medieval Cross Influenced Ancient Benin Culture

In the eleventh century Christians grew worried when the Turks conquered Palestine and captured Jerusalem in 1076 A.D, and stopped Christian pilgrims from traveling to the Holy Land. The Emperor of Constantinople asked the pope for help against the Turks. Pope Urban II called a great council in 1095 A.D at Clermont in France; He…

Medieval makes way for modern in Valletta, Malta – CSMonitor.com

The government of Malta is considering tearing down the city gate to make room for a new parliament building. Medieval makes way for modern in Valletta, Malta – CSMonitor.com.