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Announcing the Award winning documentary ‘Battle Castle’

Battle Castle

Battle Castle created and produced by Parallax Film Productions is hands down the best documentary of this century. Now, I’ve been squealing over this show like a teenage girl at a Justin Bieber concert for well over a year. No I don’t cry and faint when I watch it…well not anymore. But now I am…

Battle Castle: Austin, Texas

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The invaders moved in almost overnight and now they are ready to attack. If you live in the Austin, Texas area you can watch a Battle Castle Mini-Marathon today on PBS station KLRU. Don’t miss it! #BattleCastle marathon on @KLRU Austin, TX featuring Crac des Chevaliers, Dover and Malaga. Sunday May 5th @ 3:55 pm….

Battle Castle: San Francisco Dates

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San Francisco PBS station KQED released their schedule for Battle Castle. And they are running a marathon! If you live in the Bay area plan your Memorial Day Weekend around the Battle Castle lineup! It will air beginning Thursday, 23 May 2013 and the final show will be on Saturday, 25 May 2013. Get your…

Battle Castle: Georgia, USA dates

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Another station has checked in with dates and times for Battle Castle. Georgia Public Broadcasting will air episodes on Friday nights. The bad news is they started last Friday! The good news is you can catch a replay of Episode 1: Crac des Chevaliers this Wednesday. The dates and times are below. GPB – Georgia…

Battle Castle USA Tour Dates

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With one tweet medievalists across the USA celebrated. It premiered on Hstory Channel Canada last winter, followed by BBC TV in the fall and now, finally Battle Castle hits the USA! [blackbirdpie url=https://twitter.com/battlecastle/status/287330515885899776] That’s the great news. The not so good news is it wasn’t bought by a national channel like History or Discovery. It…

Timeline Battle Castles: iPad app review

Timeline Battle Castle

2012 was a good year for medieval media and castles in general. The year started off with the fantastic documentary series Battle Castles hosted by Dan Snow, followed by a book of the same name written by Dan Snow. If that wasn’t enough there is now a Battle Castle app. While the documentary and book…

Battle Castle: Teutonic Knights and the Siege of Marienburg

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On the fifth installment of Battle Castle we travel to Prussia and visit Malbork Castle, home of the Teutonic Knights. Sprawling over 51 acres (21 hectares) Malbork is truly an impressive castle. Host Dan Snow walks us through the castles design and demonstrates how to create mud bricks in Guedelon. Then Dan teams up with…

MAP#27 – Battle Castle Interview: Sean F. White

Battle Castle, the outstanding castle documentary series, explores the medieval history of six castles. Today we have an interview with Sean F. White, the Director of Photography for Battle Castle. I talk with Sean about filming the castles and the siege engines in action. We also cover how the re-enactments were filmed. In this episode…

Battle Castle: The White Cliffs of Dover

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This week we travel with host Dan Snow to visit the impressive Dover Castle. Perched high atop the white chalky cliffs, Dover Castle has been a military installation for over 800 years. Dover’s last major military role was during WWII. In this episode of Battle Castle we see the construction set forth by Henry II…

MAP#26 – Battle Castle Interview: Nicole Tomlinson

Battle Castle, the outstanding castle documentary series, explores the medieval history of six castles. Today we have an interview with Nicole Tomlinson, writer for Battle Castle. I talk to Nicole about writing for the series and how she approached the research process. We also cover how the castles were picked, castles that were left out,…

Battle Castle: Chateau Gaillard, the Stronghold of Richard the Lionheart

Battle Castle Logo

Last week we reviewed Crac des Chevaliers, the premiere episode of Battle Castle. Although the series isn’t airing in the U.S. yet the kind folks at Battle Castle sent over an advanced copy of episode 2: Chateau Gaillard. Does it hold up to the quality of the Crac des Chevaliers episode? Let’s find out… The…

Battle Castle: Chateau Gaillard Trailer and Web Comic

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This Thursday Battle Castle Episode 2: Chateau Gaillard premieres. Take a look at the trailer and the incredible web comic they released. Then tune into the History Channel Canada at 2100 ET to watch the episode.

Battle Castle Review: Medieval Castles brought to life

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Battle Castle a new series by Parallax Film Productions (Blowdown, Ancient Megastructures) is set to debut tomorrow night on History Television (Canada). There are numerous posts on this site highlighting the media released leading up to the premiere. Like the medieval recipes they released (I recommend the Cherry Soup!) and the 3D pictures of the…

Spiders to remain kings of the castle during restoration work

orb spider medieval castle

Here’s a fun little fact: I have a mild case of arachnophobia, spiders specifically. It all started in the corn fields when I was a kid. Running down the rows of corn I would inevitably hit an orb spider, but not just one, it was always two or three or more. And then I would…

Medieval Castles in 3D

Battle Castle Logo

The good folks over at Battle Castle have outdone themselves! First they create a show about medieval castles, then they give us great medieval recipes to enjoy and today they released over 60 pictures of the castles. But not just any pictures, these are in 3D! (click on the pictures to embiggen them) All you…